Thursday, December 25, 2008

on this day ~~~

the joys of my life abound
there is so much love, so much care, so much laughter
that no thing can dampen this being's spirit
the rain falls gently today
and the trees are whispering a lovely little song
my chellaqueen sits beside me
happily purring her love on me
she is my angel, my heart, my truest joy
and she carries me through all those moments
when i think perhaps i may not breathe again
all around me, pictures of smiling members
of my tribe
surround me, remind me, embrace me
in their love too
what gift is better than this?
what more would one wish for
than to love and be loved?
no matter what comes, there is always the love
that keeps me afloat
these are my greatest gifts
i offer them to you
on this fine christmas day.
joy to the world!

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