Thursday, December 11, 2008

generous hearts, generous Spirit~

i keep hearing people say stuff about "the economy" and how nobody's spending money. i'm also hearing things like, "times are tough. gotta be careful."

every time i hear this kinda stuff, i want to shout at the highest volume....NO! IT IS NOT TRUE! cuz here's the real truth: people ARE spending money. and what we're being told about the economy is utter bullshit. it's all about fear. it's what they use to keep us 'in line'. fear. full-blown, unadulterated, over-exaggerated fear. and, from where i sit, it's just plain dumb.

cuz here's the thing...if the u.s. government can bail out the greedy profiteers and crappy-assed car companies, it means that the money is available. how else could they justify doing what they're doing? and you know something? there is a wealth of abundance all around ALL of us. problem is, we're not seeing it cuz we've been smothered in illusions. smothered by a government who wants us to be blind to the truth. a truth that is so clear, it's really pretty amazing that they've managed to keep us so blinded.

and another thing? there are millions of people out there in our universe who are just as generous as they've ever been. some even more than before all this crap started being force-fed to the numb american public. NUMB. that's what we are right now. numb from too much media blitzing. numb from too much greed. numb from all the unhappy horse poop that we've been inundated with since the bush administration took over 8 years ago. so dumb. so sad. so infuriating.

today, if you do nothing else to clear your head (and your heart!), try this:
take a look around at all that you DO have. the food in your fridge. the clothes in your closet. the shoes on your feet. the love in your world. all the things that you can see. then.......look again, only this time look with your heart. because there is no lack there. there is no lack anywhere. it's just an illusion. every single thing you may want, need or wish for is right there...waiting for you to acknowledge its presence. abundance. don't believe me? tonight, after the sun has gone down and all is still, walk out into the darkness. look up. see the gazillions of stars twinkling above you. and for every star you do see, there are millions that you don't. this is exactly how much abundance is available to you. even when you can't 'see' it with your's there.

trust this. trust that the whole "economy" thing is plain old bullshit. trust that the things, both material and otherwise, that make up YOUR world are very much the tip of the iceberg. generosity of spirit is the very best way to unleash what's waiting for you. believe this. be generous, every single day. generous with whatever you have, from love to food to anything in between. trust that there is more where that came from. and know this: you are loved. the bountiful universe has more than you can even imagine...and it's yours.

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