Monday, December 15, 2008

tis the LIGHTEN UP!

i gotta tell ya, i'm a little ... annoyed by people who get so freakin' crabby this time of year. what's up with that???? folks get all warped by traffic and parking spaces (or lack thereof) and all the crazies in the malls...and it seems everyone has forgotten about what this is "supposed" to represent.

now, most of you (who know me) know that i'm not into the 'christian' celebration. regardless...the point is, what i honor is the 'season' of rebirth...which is what it is to me. REBIRTH. did ya get that? is birth painful? probably. but the pain gives way to the joy of that birth. ask any woman who's ever gone thru it. in the midst of their labor, they may swear they'll "NEVER DO THIS AGAIN". the moment that child is in her arms, she forgets all about that part. next thing ya know, she's doin' it again. so, from where i sit, looks to me like the pain of birth is forgotten the moment the 'new being' arrives. so.....

back to the season....

how about we all take a moment and consider what it represents. if you believe that it's the celebration of the birth of jesus, cool. if you believe in some other 'story', equally cool. it really doesn't matter what your spiritual beliefs are, cuz when you come right down to it, it's all the same anyway. it's about a CELEBRATION OF NEW LIFE! so, again i ask, "what's up with all the crabby people????"

i'm hoping you'll look at this goofy picture again...and that it gives you pause to giggle for just a moment. while you're gigglin', hold that feeling deep in your belly. cuz THIS is what the season is about. joy. new beginnings. laughter. celebration. LOVE.

wishing you and yours all that and more!

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