Friday, August 25, 2017

Gathering Storm

My Darling Fellow Earthlings ~

I have an unusual request today; one that may or may not be unreasonable; then again, I'm not one to shy away from something simply because it may (or may not) be unreasonable. I happen to know that miracles DO happen, as I have lived to witness more than a few, and I also believe that when one wants something badly enough, and their intentions are TRUE, there is nothing unreasonable about it. goes:

Five and a half years ago, I was moving from my very large rental into a much (much!) smaller one. I was selling off all kinds of stuff because I simply had nowhere to put them. Tools and furniture and clothing and more shoes than a woman could ever need, and my sewing machine and some art works that were just too big for my new space. It was both sad and liberating to "downsize". As much as I hated to get rid of many of those things, it was an essential part of that journey.

Since that time, there was one thing I gave away to the woman who bought my sewing machine. It was a painting by Bruno Bramanti, titled "Gathering Storm". It was quite large and not in the best shape (I'd had that painting since 1978!), but it was one of the few pieces of art I'd ever owned. Plus, it was HORSES! So, you can imagine my distress at having to let it go. I told myself that it was better to give it up than to have it be destroyed for no place to store it. I told myself that this woman, who, when she saw it, expressed her liking of it, might appreciate it as much as I had for all those years. So, let it go I did.

Not a day has passed that I haven't regretted giving that painting away. I think about it every time I look at the walls in my tiny house, wondering if there could have been a way for me to hang it anyway. I mourn the loss of that painting the way one mourns the loss of anything that is sentimentally important. I did not know the name of the artist. I had no idea whether or not it was of any value. In fact, for all I know, it could have been a copy. In fact, it most likely was. I bought it at a yard sale for $5. My reason for buying it was for the frame, not the painting. But, as sometimes happens, when I got it home and hung it on my wall, I instantly fell in love with it. I carried that painting across country more times than I can count. It was one of the few things that I simply would not give up.

Until...I did.

And then...

Having decided that it wasn't likely I'd ever get it back (don't know who the woman was that took it with her when she bought my sewing machine), I thought, "Camille, just paint one of your own!" So, for the past two weeks I've been sketching and trying to remember it as best I could, hoping that I could muster something close to it.

And THEN...

While looking through zillions of photos, paintings, etc., on Pinterest, THERE IT WAS! My painting of those two horses running from a storm! I couldn't believe it! I immediately clicked on the link, found that it had been up for auction in May, called the auction house, only to find it had been sold.


Still, I am not done. I decided that I would put it out "there". I saved a copy of the image and posted it on our village FaceBook page, as well as my own pages. And I am. To post it yet again and ask YOU if you've ever seen this painting or if you know anyone who has one. I am determined to get it back. If not my own, another. I don't care about "original" by the actual artist. It can be a copy (not a poster, mind you). I just want that painting on my wall.

So there you have it. My unusual and {possibly} unreasonable request. I'm asking for your help. And if I know the Magick of the Universe (I do!}, I know that somehow, some way, that painting will make it's way home.

Thank you for hearing me out.

Blessings on you and all that matters in your world ~~~

"Gathering Storm", by Bruno Bramanti

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