Wednesday, August 30, 2017

a little encouragement...

There's a LOT going on in our world. case you're feeling overwhelmed or inundated with horrible stories or like you'd rather crawl into a hole and never come out...

I thought I'd offer this up for you to grab hold of:

As "bad" as it seems
there is always HOPE.
Hold on to your HOPE.
Turn off the news
and the phones
and the computer/laptop/tablet
and go hug your dog
or your child
or your love.
Sit with them and hold that Love in your heart
Feel it grow into the HOPE that lives inside you.
As "bad" as it seems,

{...and do what you can, from wherever you are, to HELP someone whose world has come undone. That, too, will make you feel a little better. And "a little" is wayyyyy better than crawling into that hole.}

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