Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Calm Will Come

There is a massive storm roiling 'round us. Without even watching/reading/listening to "the news", one can still feel the tumult. People are edgier than usual (which is saying a LOT!). Patience is in short supply. Cranky Pants are shoving their way through their days, with little or no regard to the infectious nature of their mood. People who are unawares will catch the Cranky Pants Disease and pass it on to whomever they meet. And none of them knows it's happening.

A sad state of affairs.

On the other hand, those who are aware of this tumult remain steady in their resolve. They understand the nature of this moment, fully conscious, perfectly timed, full of possibility. When great change is about to unfold, great tumult is inevitable. It is the Nature of Life.

Think about a woman giving birth. Once the contractions begin, all hell breaks loose. She will scream obscenities, punch the nearest nose, squeeze the hand of whomever is dumb enough to let her hold it until it feels as if the fragile bones are being shattered. The pain she is experiencing appears to erase any semblance of sanity.

She is breaking open in order to deliver new Life.

Yet, no matter what she does during this painful, bloody, miraculous process, all is forgiven. I've yet to meet a new dad who held anything she did or said against her once he held that baby in his arms. He is usually so overwhelmed by the magic of her body that all he can do is look in wonder and thank the gods he didn't have to do it.

Birth is like that.

So is change.

We cannot expect that there won't be blood. We can only hope that once the screaming is over, there will be a brandy new World, fresh with hope and love and possibility. A World where the Oppressor is swallowed up by the nourishing slime of Afterbirth. A World where Humans would rather help each other than pull a gun. A World where, no matter your ethnic origin or sexual preference or financial status, all are treated with kindness and compassion. A Brave New World where war is obsolete.

Can you imagine?

Herein lies the rub.

We must ALL be able to imagine such a world before that World is born. We must want it as much as that woman wants her child. We must face the storm of excruciating contractions, all the while knowing that they are a passing part of the process, so that we can hold that child in our arms and shower it with all the Love we hold in our Being. Without this vision, without this desire, without this knowing, we will never see the World that wants so much to be born.

So, my Darlings, do not dismay. Do not allow the storm to cloud your vision. Do not lose faith in the power of your belief. Ours is a World in dire need of change. An Evolution of Humans Being. (that is NOT a typo; read it again).

An Evolution of Humans Being.

Should we bail out too soon, we will never see the light of this Evolution.

Now is the time.


Choices, my People.

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