Friday, April 15, 2016


Tomorrow marks the day I made my grand entrance onto the Great Blue Planet. And so, I will begin yet another voyage 'round that enormous ball of energy that fuels Life here on Earth.

For reasons unknown to me, I keep hearing this line from an old Star Trek episode where this being from another planet addressed Captain Kirk and the crew as "ugly bags of mostly water". Don't ask me why it popped into me head. I don't have a clue. But as I sat here giggling (just as I did back when I first heard it), I couldn't help wondering about the connection between being ugly bags of mostly water living on a planet that is also mostly water.
Did Gene Roddenberry know something we didn't know all those years ago?
Did he see the havoc we would wreak on the only home we have?
Was he trying to tell us something?

Whether or not it is part of the larger cosmological plan or just some freak accident, it seems it ought to deserve at least a minute. I mean, if we're made up of the same stuff that the planet we're zooming around on, wouldn't you think we'd want to take better care? Of both?

I don't know about you, but I have not a stitch of an inkling of desire to go rocketing out into space to find some other planet to destroy. I like this one just fine. I like the Trees and the Critters and, sometimes, even the Humans that inhabit this place. I'd say it's worth caring for. I'll leave the space travel to whomever it is that finds such things exciting. Gimme a big ol' chunk of land with Trees and Water and Horses and Dogs and leave me to my livin'. I'll even grow my own food. Although, truth be told, I'd rather somebody else do that work for me. But, if push comes to shove (WHERE in the world did that saying come from?!) I could grow my own food. I'm not sure about the meat thang though. I'd probably have to go vegetarian because I don't see me killin' any Critters just so I can eat. I know. What a flippin' hypocrite.



I'm really rambling here. Mostly because there are about nine gazillion things flyin' through my brain and I figured this might be a good way to calm that zoom down. Also, I've got my perky on. Sometimes these things happen, you know? And when my brain goes into warp drive, I can usually find a bit of calm if I sit here and type. "Sometimes" being the operative word here. I suppose I could go whip up some dinner or roll around on the floor with my Dawg. But it's been a while since I dropped ya'll a line, so I figured maybe I could double down and see what might tumble outta this here brain of mine. wrap things up before I go meandering down a road I don't care to meander, I'll leave you with this:

Birthday or not, Life is a grand and glorious adventure and I am deeply grateful to have today and all the days after this one to explore and evolve and play with the Magick that is my Life.

Oh. One more thing, just in case you forgot...
Life is about choices.
JOY is a choice.
What do YOU choose?


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Jerlwayne said...

Happy to hand my birthday torch over to you tomorrow!