Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sometimes...It's Necessary

I don't care who ya are; everyone has days when no amount of meditation, exercise, sleep, alcohol, shopping, eating, dancing, romping, painting, singing, hanging with the critters, working one's ass off....will change the fact that you're in a FUNK.

It happens.

And sometimes...

it's best to just LET IT.

Being the Queen of Choice (as in JOY...), I am just as susceptible to such days as anyone else. No. They don't happen often (thank the gods!), but still...they happen. When they do, I am just as prone to skirting that sadness as the next person. I use every single tool in my toolbox to avoid the Funk. I go above and beyond. I do back flips. I jump on trampolines. I eat chocolate. I am a MASTER of avoidance when it comes to The Funk.

Sometimes it doesn't matter. The Funk is a mighty powerful opponent.

On such days, I remember, clear as a bell, something my sister told me. She left the planet a month ago. Perhaps my Funk has something to do with that. Perhaps not. No matter. She wrote this on a post I'd written when Bruzer crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

Sweet Sister,
I just wanted to drop a few thoughts here, maybe they will be useful, maybe not. But I know you are in deep pain & being who I am, I feel a need to DO something to help you feel better.
We are spiritual beings having human experiences and sadness is truly a part of it. Yes, honey, we can often choose joy but sometimes we have to FEEL the sadness first. It makes the joy so much sweeter. So right now, you can choose to allow yourself to be sad and be TRUE to your feelings or you can "fake it 'til you make it" but sooner or later, your human experience must unfold. I don't want this to sound preachy...I just want to comfort you.
Bruzer remains a part of you always. Memories can make us smile & cry at the same time. Hence the term "bittersweet". It's OK to FEEL this. It doesn't make us any less spiritual or evolved. It makes us stronger & more grateful.
I love you, baby girl.
If I am the Queen of Joy, Cricket was the Queen of Hearts. That's just who she was. (IS!) She believed, wholeheartedly, in FEELING. She was not one to run away from her heart, no matter how badly it hurt. She often tried to guide me to live this way. I often ignored her wisdom. I was (and still am!) convinced that we have the power to change how we feel by the thoughts we think. For the most part, that is true. For me. Again....back to the beginning: I don't care who ya are, you're going to have days....

The Funk may engulf, but it need not rule. Yes. It's part of our Human experience. Let The Funk rise up. Allow your Self to feel it. And then...
You can make your way back to The Joy that is Who You Really Are.
Ya can't have one without the other.
Or so I've been told.
GiddyUP ~~~

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