Monday, April 7, 2014

Trust Your Gut {Pt. 2}

It's enough to make a person scream. The vacillating opinions of so-called nutritionistas (if I say a word and you understand the word, then it's a word. Just look at a dictionary from ten years ago. And from today. All kinds of "new" words in today's. Even if some of them are dumb. Like "selfie". Dumb word. But oh-so-familiar now.)

As I was saying...

The vacillating opinions of nutritionistas whose findings change yearly. First you're not supposed to eat the egg yolks. Too much fat. Then, they tell you, the egg white actually balances the fat of the yolk, so it's now "the perfect food". Or fatty foods. Like avocados. Don't eat them! They're loaded with fat! Next week, avocados are also "the perfect food" because, as it turns out, we need that kind of fat. Or fish. Or bread. Or pasta. The list goes on and on. In the end, you just never know what foods are "good" for you and which ones are gonna kill ya.

Aside #1: Just the other day I saw something that read "eating seven or more servings of fruits/vegetables a day reduces the risk of death by 42%."

Okay...first of all, I don't care how many servings you eat, you're still gonna die. Eventually. Second, why are we so obsessed with not dying? We all know it's inevitable. We all know we can't beat it. So what the f#@! is the big deal? From the moment we're born, we begin the journey to death. It is what it is. Get over it.

So then...back to the food thing.

In the end, if you really are paying attention to your own body, it's going to tell you what's good for you and what isn't. You're going to feel it. If you're paying attention. You don't need a degree in nutrition to understand the fundamentals of good eating. Your cravings? They're telling you that your body needs something that particular food holds. Assuming you're already taking good care of yourself. You know...balanced meals, working out, meditating, and all that jazz.

Balance. Good, basic balance.

In the really is about trusting your gut. In the most literal terms. Your gut houses a plethora of microscopic goodies that really do affect the whole rest of your body. If you balance your food intake, your gut will do the rest. But even if you eat the best foods; organic and fresh and leafy and lean, if you're all stressed out all the time, all that good eatin' isn't going to help. Stress will kill you faster than McDonald's Big Macs (ICK. ICK. ICK.) or drinking a fifth of Jack Daniels every day.

Back to balance.

When folks talk about "holistic" medicine, they're talking about the WHOLE of you. That equals body/mind/spirit. So eating well doesn't mean diddly if you're not taking care of the other two "parts". You don't need to run marathons or meditate four hours a day. You just need to make some time to push your body a bit so it gets all heated up (a little sweat will do) and take some quiet time to calm your mind. Gardening is just as meditative as sitting in the lotus position. Or playing with your critter. Or taking a soothing walk. Anything that will get your busy brain to shut up for a while. That's as much a meditation as anything your local guru can offer.

Get where I'm going here?

Your gut, as it were, is as much the physical stomach as it is your intuition. So trust it. Listen. And take some time to take care of you.

In the end, when death comes a'knockin', instead of being afraid, perhaps you'll meet it with a smile and say "I'm ready. What's next?"

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