Monday, March 31, 2014

For the sheer JOY of it....

There is a guru I know who likes to say that the funnest part of being a Being on Planet Earth is realizing the power of your thoughts and using that knowledge to create the life you want. I'm pretty sure there's more than one such guru. I'm also quite certain that regardless of which one you happen to hang out with, you'll find that pretty much every other wisdom they share is covered by that one "rule"

You think it, you create it.

Or, in the words of the fantabulous Mike Dooley, "thoughts become things".

I could probably quote another twenty or so who said the same stuff in "other" words.

None of that matters. What does matter is that once you figure that one out, and you actually set your Self to living it, all manner of magickal stuff starts to happen.

I kid you NOT.

Now, if you've been here for any length of time you already know that this is one of my very favorite things to meander on. And every now and then I like to come back 'round to it really is true and it really does work and there ain't nothin' funner when it does.


So in the name of revisiting, I'm gonna toss this out to you, just in case you forgot. Or you didn't read the others over the course of my stay here. Or it happens to come out a little differently than the last time. Truth be told, I don't usually read 'em after I do my final proof. I just let them go and wait to see what comes up next. That's kinda my M.O. when writing (here). The ol' "take a breath. then another. then let your fingers fly" method. Because of said method, it is likely that the topics are revisited, but not the manner in which the topic is expressed.

I hope.

Lest I digress...

I got to thinking about all the magick that's been flyin' around here lately. How often I've found meself giggling over some "proof" from the Universe when I get all focused in and expectant. The trick, I'm thinkin', is in that latter....the "expectant" part. Once you start down that road, the things that show up will blow your pretty little mind and have you asking, "what took me so long???"

Here's the deal-eee-O:

Let's say you get it in your head that you're going to wake up, every single morning, and before you peek one toe out of the bed, you're going to take a few minutes to bask in the warm coziness of gratitude; for that bed and that pillow and the dog/cat/kid/person lying there next to you all happy you're awake. You're going to say a few thank-yous and get focused in on what you're wanting to experience on this fine new day. You think it, you see it, you feel it, you get it all crystal clear in your head and then you hop out of that cozy bed and git on with your day. Little by little, stuff is showing up. The very same stuff you made up your mind to be/do/have today. And the same thing happens the next day. And the next. And pretty soon you're full-ON expecting that all the stuff you focus on is absoTOOTly coming to you. {No, Mrs. Spiegelmeyer. That is not a typo.}

That's where the magick is.

The expectation.

I'm thinking it's because the Universe has as much fun as we do with all this co-creation stuff. And the more we play with that Energy, the more that Energy plays with us.

Like two kids on horseback, riding for the sheer joy of it. And for no other reason.

That is what it's all about.

Doncha think?

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Lori Florio said...

You...are...awesome, Cousin!!! XO