Thursday, November 15, 2012

Until further notice...

CELEBRATE....every day.

So here's the song playing in my head today....

It's not a song you'd know. Because I wrote it. It's not a song you even need to know get to write your own. No matter if you think you can or not. Because EVERYBODY has a song in their heart. EVERY SINGLE BODY.

Don't believe me?

Think about this:

You know how sometimes, in those moments when you are in complete and utter....peace? I know you've had them. Maybe you need to pause for a moment or five to remember. But I KNOW you've had them. We all have. Trouble is, sometimes we get so worked up over all the crapppppola that's going on that we bury that loveliness so deep...we can't remember. But I promise you,  if you will just take a moment or ten {Oh. See how that happens? First it was "a moment or five" and now it's a "moment or ten". Dang that pesky clicker!} Back to the promise...

I promise have had those moments. And if you will take the time to remember how they felt, however dim and far away they may seem, you will find that song. The one that is yours. The one that makes you wanna jump out of your chair and do a little jig. The one that makes you grin like you were wantin' to light up the whole wide beautiful world. The one that stops your heart for just a second or two...and makes you wonder why it needs to beat.


So then...

Until further notice...CELEBRATE EVERY DAY.

If you're willing to give it a go, you just might find a bucket load of miracles waiting for you.

And, as if I didn't need to say it. Again.


Got it?


On with it then.

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