Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Game

One of my very favorite games to play is to set a specific intention of focus right before we (that would be me and my Bruzer...) go for our morning walk. We tend to walk about two or three times a day, for reasons that reach beyond sheer exercise. Walking is just plain ol' good for us. Bruzer happens to think so too. So then...each morning as I'm putting on my sneakers and Bruzer is doing his happy dance around the house, I set my intention and then toodle off on our stroll. The fun part is to watch what happens. To be the "Observer", as it were, and just watch. No thinking about it. No doubting the power of the intention. Simply setting the intention, letting it go, and watching.

This little game has proven to be quite phenomenal. I kid you NOT.

So then...yesterday we decided to go to one of our favorite spots where we hadn't been in quite some time. It's a "drive-to" spot, so we don't go unless I need to go into town for other errands. was a splendid morning. The temperature had not yet gotten to its usual blazing burn for this time of year, and there was the slightest breeze that nudged the trees to sing their songs. I was watching Bruzer intently, smiling at his perky little gait, giggling as I watched his little tushy wiggle as he walked. We were about half way through one of the parks when I saw the shadow of a butterfly flit across the path. I stopped to see where he was and just as I did he flew right past my nose and alit on a bush about two feet in front of us. The colors on this creature were absolutely stunning. It was a palish gold with velvety black trim on its fringes and at the very tip of the tail were the brightest turquoise dots surrounded by a bright red lining. I could barely believe my eyes. I actually blinked because I thought I was seeing things. Turns out I was seeing things. I was seeing the magnificence of Mother's artwork. I was seeing a creature that seemed as happy as we were to be in that exact place at that exact moment. As it sat on the shrub, slowly flitting those marvelous wings, I could feel my heart pick up the pace. My whole body got this tickling tingle running through it as the tears welled up in my eyes.

The butterfly flew off and came back 'round at least a dozen times. With each passing it seemed to get closer and closer to me. Every time it did, those tingles got to tinglin' again, and the smile grew larger on my face. I thought, "DAMN! Where's my camera?!" and realized right then that the moment would stay with me forever. I didn't need a camera. My mind was filming the whole thing. Right when that thought blew through my brain, the butterfly alit on a lower part of the bush. Bruzer walked over to it and gave it a sniff. It didn't move. And then Bruzer sat down directly under where the butterfly sat. I tell you, that picture would have garnered large dollars! It was one of the most beautiful sights these eyes have ever seen. Ever.

The tears rolled down my cheeks as I turned to make my way down the path.

{As it happens, my intention for that particular stroll was to "find something beautiful that you've never seen before. Take it in!" How's that for success?!!!}

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