Monday, January 9, 2012


The thing about habits is that once you break one, it's kinda tough getting back in the groove. Most folks talk about habits like they're a bad thing. But what about the good ones? Like brushing your teeth after every meal. Or going for walks with your dog every day. Or your morning exercise routine. Or ... making time to write every single day.

See, for those of us who are creatures of habit, once those little routines get mangled, it's like trying to untangle a thin rope full of knots. Not so easy as it looks. It takes patience and a stubborn commitment to either re-create that little routine or make a whole set of new ones.

Know what I mean?

Case in point: once upon a time, this writer wrote on both her blogs, 3 different eZine sites, AND her next book...every day except Sundays. Sundays are reserved for football, tennis, visiting with family, frolicking in the great outdoors, and assorted other mindless activities that rejuvenate this writer's brain. That routine worked quite well for me; for a long time. And then...all kinds of stuff happened. And the routines went out the window. Every day I'd tell myself, "Get back to it, girlie. You know what happens when you ditch the course." But somehow, I just let it slide.

So here we are. A new year and another new beginning, as it were. A time for seeing dreams clearly. A time for ditching the crap that doesn't feel right and making room for all the stuff that does. A time to git yer shit together...whatever that might mean.

To that end I have decided that instead of starting my day with crossword puzzles and hours on WeTopia, I shall begin each day with my Muse. I will make my coffee and invite her to join me. I will put everything else aside until I have written something somewhere that has not been written before. least by me. And then...we shall see just what this new year has in store for this hermit in the far reaches of a place called Hidden Valley.

Let the unfolding begin....

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