Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meatless Fridays

Every now and then a book comes along that really takes you by surprise. A book so unlike anything you might have previously read, that it makes you wonder why you never considered reading a book like it before this. One such book is the newly released "Meatless Fridays". The author calls herself "Ebby", leaving us to wonder who she is and why she chose to remain anonymous. But after reading this dynamo of a book, some of that is more easily understood.

"Meatless Fridays" is a book of (both) short stories and poetry. Ebby's style is cozy and comfortable. Almost conversational. It's as if she's talking with you rather than writing to you. And there is no mistake that this wonderful writer has a depth of soul that will evoke more than just a few emotions from her readers. She takes you on a ride that you will not soon forget. She opens old wounds and heals old scars. She allows you the moments to breathe into the hard, strong lessons that she has gleaned from her life, as if she is wrapping her arms around you from a place of higher Knowing.

It is a wonder to me that she has not published before. Perhaps the intimacy of her stories was to much to bear to a world of cynics and nay-sayers. Or maybe she just needed to find her own perfect time to let these beautifully crafted pieces come into their own. Whatever the case, it is a great gift she shares with us and I, for one, am thrilled to have found such a talented, passionate Wordsmith.

It is quite apparent that Ebby has lived a full and tumultuous life. Although there are some moments of deep sadness, she does not leave you in that sorrow for long. Always and without fail, she lifts you up before she moves on. As if she is saying, "Do not fear your pain. It will bring you to the greatest joys you could not ever have imagined. Trust your Life and it will bring you the fruits you seek."

Ebby is, without question, a beautiful Human Being who wants each of us to live the Joy we came here to live.

It is to that end that I offer this little blurb about "Meatless Fridays". It is not only a book that needs to be read, it is also a book that may very well change your life in the reading of it. When was the last time you said that about a book?

For more information and to order your copy of "Meatless Fridays", visit Big Table Publishing HERE.

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