Tuesday, August 16, 2011

train your focus (oh yes you CAN!)

Surely there is something, one reliable thing, that always brings a smile to your heart when you see or hear or think about it. That something that always, no matter what else is going on, will shift your mood in an instant. Your child. You dog...or cat...or whatever critter you happen to have in your world. Maybe it's your favorite song. Or that pair of jeans that feel so good when you wear them. That time you were with your love...out on a mountain top or sitting in the sand, toes wiggling in the waves. Maybe it's your special tree...the one that makes you feel connected to all that is good and right. Or perhaps it is as simple as a rose about to bloom in your garden. It doesn't matter what it is, surely there is something that always brings a smile to your heart.

What if...

Every single morning, just before you slip out of bed and land your feet on the floor, you were to think about that thing first. Think about it long enough to see it in your mind's eye and let that smile slide onto your beautiful face. See it so clearly that you could reach out and touch it, whether it is a "thing" or a "thought". Touch it...and let it wash over you as a warm summer rain refreshes your hot, tired skin. And then....

Get out of bed and begin your day. Keep that feeling with you as you make your way to the bathroom to brush your teeth and have your morning shower. Hold on to it as you prepare your breakfast and then sit quietly to enjoy your first repast of the day. Tuck it into your pocket as you dress and head out the door for work. Keep it close with you, all the day through. Even when you're stuck in traffic. Or sitting in yet another boring meeting. Or face to face with that co-worker who always seems to ruin your mood. Carry it with you like a treasured gem, guarding it as you would a newborn child. Guarding it with your Life.

If you would do this, each and every morning, without fail or hurry, you would begin to see a shift that will alter the course of your Life in ways you could not ever have imagined. You would begin to see more things that bring a smile to your heart; and a fading of all things unpleasant. The person who makes you crazy would soon disappear from your experience. The worries that troubled you for so long would fade into nothingness, as the morning fog fades with the Sun's arrival. All the things that brought you tension and/or stress would fall away as easily as a dead leaf falls from the tree. Your world would become so full of miracles you would wonder why you waited so long to wield this simple practice. The practice of FOCUS.

It is not nearly as hard to do this as it is to walk through your day trying to evade the spoilers. Your ability to focus is directly related to your Joy...because the more you focus on what makes you feel GOOD, the less you will find that makes you feel anything less than good. It sounds ridiculously simple, doesn't it? Then tell me why...you do not practice? Why do you dismiss the Joy that is your right? Why do you insist on allowing "them" to push your buttons and unravel your world? Do you suppose it is because you do not feel worthy of such a Life? Or do you think it is impossible to live the Joy that you came here to live?

I wonder why so many find it so hard to honor themselves.

Whaddya think?

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