Monday, August 8, 2011

The funny thing about money...

Money is a funny thing. When you've got a bunch, you don't think about it. At all. It's there and you know it's there and you just go about your business, with nary a lacking thought. You're free to spend your energies on other things. You might even take it for granted. It is, after all, "only money".

If, on the other hand, you don't have any or you don't have "enough", it is at the forefront of your every thought. You worry about it. You fret over the simplest things you need. You obsess to the point of making yourself ill. It is a most insidious demon, ever present, ever terrorizing.

It used to infuriate me to hear people (with lots of money) say, "it's only money". I would think to myself (and sometimes even say aloud) "Yea. Wonder how you'd feel about it if you didn't have a dime." I despised them for their nonchalant attitudes. I dreamed up schemes to take it from them. (Although I never followed through with such schemes. Mostly because I have always believed in the karmic effect.) Somehow those schemes made me feel a little better...just thinking about making them suffer. NOT a time in my life I am proud of. Happily, those days are gone...and so are the attitudes I held about "the wealthy".

At some point I realized that my relationship with money stemmed from my dad's rantings about "rich people". He was quite bitter about his own lack, and made it clear to us (his children) that rich people had done something "bad" to have what they had. "They're all a bunch of crooks." I suppose he learned this attitude from his own parents. Or maybe from the environs in which he grew up. Either way, he was pretty hateful toward those "with" and made it clear that he had no desire to be among them. Defense mechanism? Probably. In the end, I'm quite certain it was one of the things that led to his demise. Too much bitterness over too much time. Very sad indeed.

It took me a while to see all this with clear eyes. I didn't even realize I held those beliefs until someone, who was a total stranger (but as kind as they come) pointed it out. She told me that until I made peace with what money "really was", I would never have any semblance of abundance. It shocked me when she said it. Mostly because she didn't "know" me...and her awareness of my discomfort on the subject took me by surprise. But I knew she was correct; the moment she said it, I knew in my gut that she'd hit on something very important to my own well-being and my moving past those limiting beliefs.

One of the things she said during that conversation was, "Money is simply another form of love. Think about it this way: you see something you want. You give money in exchange for that thing. That thing could be an object or a service or simply a place to call home. Whatever it is, you exchange the cash for the having of whatever it is. All material things, including money, are manifestations of energy. Energy is love. Love is energy. Money, then, is simply a form of love." At first I thought that was a pretty big stretch. Money is a form of love??? Just couldn't wrap my brain around it. But it stayed with me, like a teeny sliver of wood under you fingernail, sort of festering until I couldn't stand it any longer. Time for the tweezers.

When I finally came 'round to looking at it from a different perspective, I realized she was dead on right. She was simply trying to show me another vantage point when she used that analogy. She was trying, in her kind and gentle way, to urge me to leave my dad's baggage behind and make my own trunk full of treasure. She could feel my unease...and she saw my "potential" with clearer eyes than I ever had. She was sharing the love in more ways than one (she happened to be the owner of a store and bought a bunch of my Zen Gardens that day; made for one hell of a 'sale')

Now, all these years later, her words still ring in my head. But today, it is not because of my own lack; it is because I see one of my closest friends going through what I was going through when this kind woman spoke those words. She is as talented as they come, also with a huge heart. But she has a very nasty attitude about "rich people". She hates them for their lavish spending. But it is those very people who can "afford" to buy her precious pieces. Without them, and all their money, she'd be starving. It is the epitome of a "love-hate" relationship. I have tried to share what that woman shared with me. I've tried to persuade her to find her way past the envy so that she may open the doors for her own wealth to flow. Still, she fights it. She just can't wrap her brain around the concept of "money=love". I know why. And I know that until she steers herself clear of her current attitude about money and the people who have (lots of) it, she'll never achieve the financial abundance she so desires.

It kind of boils down to this: whatever you focus on, you're going to get more of. When people say "the Law of Attraction" doesn't work, it is because they do not yet understand one of the most fundamental parts of the Law. That is, "that which is like unto itself, is drawn". If you want money but focus on the lack of it, you're not going to get anywhere (in getting more money). You're going to stay right where you are: in a place of lack. If, on the other hand, you take money out of the equation entirely (WHUT?!) and simply focus on all the things you do have in abundance, then you are in a state of allowing...allowing more abundance in all its many forms. This, too, was a bit of an eye-opener for me. The first time I heard "take money out of the equation", I thought they were kidding around. "Wait a minute! I just said I want more money. What do you mean 'take money out of the equation'???" Turns out, that is precisely the way it works. You cannot "get" if you are focused on the lack of whatever it is you're wanting to "get". As crazy as that sounds, it is absolutely true. And the sooner you can wrap your brain around that little nugget, the sooner you will see the walls of resistance fall, and the well of abundance bubble up and overflow.

Yes, it really is that simple.

But do not confuse "simple" with "easy". Especially if you're carrying around a boat load of learned behaviors...or attitudes that "push against" whatever it is you're hoping to achieve. Bottom line: turn your attention to the many blessings that are your own abundant life. And yes, leave money out of it. The money comes as soon as you stop noticing how much of it you don't have.

I swear on my little monkey toes.

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