Tuesday, July 19, 2011

when temperatures rise...bring on the Cheshire...

Have you noticed how when the temps get hotter, so do the tempers? Gee...big surprise, huh? So I was thinking maybe it'd be a good time to give ya'll a little nudge so you might forgo the all-too-common encounters with some of those Summertime Cranky Pants*.

Living in the sunny climes of Southern California, where humidity is not the norm, it's pretty easy for some people to take this spectacular weather for granted. I've lived here off and on for the past 35 years and it still amazes me that anybody could bitch about the weather. It isn't as if we're suffocating from 100* temps with 90* humidity here. The weather for the past week and a half has been in the mid-80s, with humidity levels no higher than around 40*. How can anybody complain about that???

Sadly, the SCPs (*see above) always manage to find something to complain about. It's just their way I guess. And even though I've run into these not-so-savory characters from time to time, it still surprises me that they could be so crabby when the temperatures are so perfect. I just don't get it. I figure if I can go about my day without having to shower every 15 minutes, it's a great day. Don't even need A/C. Turn on the ceiling fan, draw the shades a bit, and the house stays super comfy. So what's with the attitudes?

I've decided that these people are on the planet for one purpose and one purpose only: to remind the likes of us GJIs (that would be: Grateful Joyous Imps) that we're more than okay. To remind us that our lives are oh-so-much-more-fun than those SCPs and we need not let them infringe. To remind us that even though we know that joy is a choice, maybe they haven't figured it out yet. So we must be patient. And compassionate. And flash 'em a smile or two...even if they snarl at us when we do. Because the bottom line is this:

Joy is a choice. {you didn't think I was gonna leave that out, did ya?}...and everyone is entitled to their own choices. I choose to smile at those pitiful SCPs because it feels so much better than reacting to their ugliness. Besides, ya just never know when you might turn their day around with your big, goofy Cheshire grin.

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