Friday, July 29, 2011

No news is good news...

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I do not listen, watch, or read the "news". Haven't for decades. Firstly, because it isn't "news". It's all the same crap with different names, locations, or delivery. I have made it a policy to ignore it. My friends and family are my "sources". That is to say, I know they'll clue me in if it's something I need to know (like a hurricane on its way?!). Otherwise, leave me out of it. Secondly, it just interferes with my Joyous path...and there's nothing I can do about the crap anyway, short of saying prayers and sending out the love.

I've had my share of .... shall we say, "discussions" about this practice. There are those who insist I am being naive, foolish, and otherwise plain ol' stupid by ignoring the so-called news. These are the very same people, by the way, who live their lives in absolute fear over the destruction of the world and its imminent doom. They scurry around with their Disaster Packs, guns, knives, solar radios... just waiting for the Apocalypse. Like these things are going to protect them when the Big One comes. In short, they are some of the most miserable people I've ever encountered. I find them quite pathetic. Also very easy to ignore, given their vibes.

It has come to my attention, in the past week or so, that there's Big Trouble brewing in Washington (D.C.). I know this because my landlord is in a panic over the on-going stalemate over the government's refusal to come to agreement. If they don't come to terms, I will not receive my 'stipend' which then means he won't get his rent check. Needless to say, this has him in quite the frenzy. For me, I say "que sera, sera". I'm not being glib here. I just happen to know there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. So why fret? Either I get my dinero, or I don't. If I don't, then I'll deal with it. If I do, then he gets his rent check and I carry on, as usual.

Now, I'm not sharing all this to bring you down or evoke more fear. Not even close. I'm sharing this because it seems to me there are far too many people worrying themselves to death over crap they can't control. You know me. (well, those who've been here a while do...the rest will, in time) You know that my aim, every time I post something on this blog, is to inspire you to choose Joy. Which leads me to the "why" of my sharing today.

That is...we all have choices. I realize that not everyone will agree with my practices. It is not my intention to convince or otherwise infringe on anyone's beliefs, practices, routines. I'm simply offering an alternative to what might just be the biggest hob goblin of Joy. Think about this: when was the last time you watched (listened, read) the news and felt GOOD? Just sayin'.

If you want to watch the "news" then watch the news. But if you're wanting to up the ante on your Joy Pot, I'd say not watching the news would be a terrific first step. Just think of what the world might be like if NOBODY watched the news. Now that is something to ponder, eh? (what a little imp! My father would shoot me if he were alive today.) Remember that saying, "No news is good news."? I like that one the best.

So then, my friends, I have offered a seed which you may plant or toss. All up to you. It is my prayer that you make Joy your top priority. Because, as I'm always tellin' ya....

Joy is a CHOICE.

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