Friday, May 13, 2011

the hermit interrupted....

To most I am considered "a hermit". That is to say, I don't get out much. This is by choice...and for the most part I enjoy my solitude very much. There are times, however, when I long for the company of friends, gathered 'round the table with food and wine and good conversation. Most of them (my friends, that is) are quite far away. The few people I interact with locally are always "so busy" that it makes for great challenges to engage is such pleasantries. For two reasons: one is that I'm not real big on long-range dates; the other is that I would much rather do house gatherings than go out to some club or casino or some such. Such is the life of a hermit.

On those wonderful occasions when my darlings come to visit, the energy is a lot like Christmas. Even though they mostly come during Spring/Summer months, it still feels like Christmas to me. I get all goofy excited and tear around my house like a white tornado. Cleaning and dusting and polishing and sprucing up. Which is really quite silly because my house is pretty immaculate to begin with. But it's my way of keeping those energies from gettin' away from me. I clean to c-a-l-m myself. Silly huh?

One such occasion is about to happen. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends; really she is more a sister to me than a friend. And her hubbie, who is responsible for our meeting, is a darling man for whom I hold great affection. He's the kind of guy every gal dreams of: attentive, kind, sweet, funny, smart and oh-so-doting. How can ya not love a guy like that. (Did I mention handsome? Oh yea. He's the whole package.) The great thing about Mr. Man is that he adores his wife and he shows it every single day. Did you hear that? EVERY SINGLE DAY. He's the kind of guy who gets up before his wife every morning and makes her coffee, brings it to her whilst she is still in bed, and then puts a towel in the dryer so it'll be warm when she gets out of the shower.


To be sure, I am envious of my dear friend's luxurious marriage. I know they have their spots, as most couples do, but overall I'd say they're one of the most solid couples I've ever met. It's inspiring. Especially to someone who does not subscribe to the whole "marriage" thang. I have my reasons; but they're not what you might think. It's not about having 'failed' at it or anything like that. It's not even because I came from  a "broken home". I did not. My parents adored each other til the day they died. And I do not recall many fights or other such uglies. So it has nothing to do with what I lived or what I grew up with. In fact, I'm one of the lucky ones who witnessed many good marriages over the course of my childhood.

But I digress.

I'm not here to ramble on about marriage. I was talking about the excitement that comes with the impending arrival of people I love. The noise and bustle and gaieties that will ensue. The meals prepared (you know how much I love to cook!), the quiet mornings over coffee and fruit and fresh squeezed orange juice. The sharing of music and books and other such passions we share respectively. And, of course, their meeting Bruzer for the first time. He's been here just over a year. I haven't seen them in two. So I'm as excited about that as I am about having them here. And yes, I'm certain he is excited too. How could he not be? He's heard me talk about it for months. He knows all about them. They even sent him a Christmas present, for Pete's sake! So yea, the Little Guy is excited because he knows his Human is excited and he also knows that when guests arrive, the food will be rollin'. Smart little fella he is.

The point of all this is that no matter what else is going on, no matter how good Life is or how well that Life is being lived, there is nothing like the Joy of sharing time with people we love. NOTHING. Perhaps I am more appreciative because I spend so much time alone. Or maybe it's because people seem to be dropping like flies lately. Or maybe it's just about my {finally!} coming to see just how incredible love is. Maybe I spend "too much" time alone. It could be. But I don't think that's what it's about. I think that I have finally come to realize that these lives we are living are so much more than working and making money and gathering 'stuff'. Life is meant to be LIVED. And when people I love come to visit me, it is the ultimate expression of that living.

I suppose this is a bit dramatic. But it's the good kind of me, anyway. And I thought it might be nice to just put it out there. Maybe there are some who have forgotten just how priceless friendship is. Or...maybe I just wanted to write it so I could hear it for myself. Because helps to hear what is really going on.

Know what I mean?

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