Thursday, February 3, 2011

taking a moment

I am compelled take a moment to thank you. ALL of you who not only read my meanderings, but who also take the time to send me your lovely notes. Just yesterday, I was reading my post to a friend (if you can imagine, she has no internet! WOWZA!)...and we were giggling about how uncanny it is that we are both "on the same page" right now. I'd written the post hours before we spoke on the phone. Turns out, we were in the exact same "spot". After I'd finished reading it to her, she said, "Why do you do this? Why do you write this stuff and just put it out there for FREE? You could be making money on all this."

I explained to her that while I do not consider myself in anyway altruistic, writing these things is both clarifying and helpful (to me). I have also discovered that my 'stuff' helps other folks too. And when I get these notes from my readers, it's just DELICIOUS! It makes me feel as if I can make a difference; that even if only one person reads and is able to grow, that one person will spread their knowing to someone else, who may then grow as well. The ol' ripple effect. I love the idea of that. Watching through my mind's eye as the ripples reach out and out and out. The fact that I don't make $$$ for these postings is irrelevant. I can do that elsewhere. This forum is a means for me to smooth stuff out in my own life...and maybe help somebody else smooth things out too.

So, my sweet friends, I send enormous gratitude, grand appreciation, and big-giant hugs to all of you. I am deeply touched by your kindness. It is because of YOU that my gratitude continues to grow. Does it get any better than that???

I wish you all a SPLENDIFEROUS Thursday...and beyond.

Thank you.

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