Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No lingering. No loitering. No wallowing.

Even the most joy-focused folks have their moments. It happens. No need to get all freaked out, you know? I mean, I'm guessing that even people like the Buddha had his moments of imbalance. And if you believe the bible stories, so did good ol' J.C. Remember that one about him going off in the temple? Come on. Nobody has their bliss 24/7. So, if or when it happens, best thing you can do is just take a breath and ride it out.

I am blessed to know lots of very positive people. 'Course, most of that has to do with the fact that I won't abide icky energy in my world. I can spot that stuff in a New York minute, and when I do, I high-tail it for the nearest exit. No thankyouverymuch. I'd rather have fewer friends than load up on long lists and have them bringing me down at every turn. Just doesn't make much sense. Besides, when you are positive, you tend to draw the same kind of folks anyway. No work, all good.

In those moments when I'm wrestling the demon, I tend to do one of a few things:

  • Find something to laugh about.
  • Look around at all the treasures of my world.
  • Go for a walk with my curly white dawg.
  • Put the headphones on and just B-R-E-A-T-H.


  • Call one of my darling friends.

I listed that last one last because I don't often call when I'm in a funk. Just don't like to spread the germs. Also don't want to tell the story. Just makes it grow. Not smart. Not useful. And certainly not conducive to getting out of the funk. Most of my friends know this; some of them are so tuned in to my energy (and vice versa) that even if I don't call, they'll call me...at just the perfect moment...and ask, "You doin' okay? Getting a real weird vibe over here."


They also know that I don't like telling those kinds of stories ("Oh. I'm in a snit. I have this and that going on and it's making me NUTS. Blah blah blah.") I prefer to tell the good stories, even if I'm just making them up. I do that sort of thing when I get too "real world". Because for the most part, I think this thing we call "real world" is pretty much an illusion anyway. It's gotta be. Otherwise, how do you explain one person seeing a thing one way, and another person seeing the very same thing in a totally different way? Illusion. We think it. We create it. We see it as we think it. The more I remember all that and put it to practical use, the more I'm convinced that it really is an illusion. And for me, it works beautifully.

So then...back to the funk....

I'm thinking that every now and then when we hit those spots, we might like to have some "tools" handy. Tools like the aforementioned things I do when I arrive in said "spot". Those tools are not only handy, they're efficient. Efficient in that they allow me to get outta there right quick.

No lingering.
No loitering.
No wallowing.
Because, after all, joy is a CHOICE.

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Bella Mia said...

Amen...beautifully written.