Wednesday, February 9, 2011

another wonderful...(or 5)

{So many wonderful things to be grateful for! As I've said before, I just love getting notes from my readers. Makes me all warm and tingly. And so today, when I read those little notes, there was a link to another blog. Had to go right over and have a look. It is adorable! The name of the blog is BellaMiaPug; it is written by the darling Sheila, a little pug who lives in the (San Francisco) Bay area. Cute. Cute. Cute. Lots of pictures and sweet reminders of just how much the critters love being with us. And you KNOW how much I love the critters. Just wanted to share that with you before I get on with today's meanderings.}

So here we are with another brandy new day. The sun is shining here in Southern California, and the winds are kickin' up pretty good. Unlike much of the country, we have no snow. As much as I love the snow, I'm thinking that I'd be pretty uncomfortable if I had to deal with so much of it. I have many friends and much family in the Midwest and on the East Coast, so I say little prayers for them, to keep them safe and warm. Snow is fun, but sometimes it can be a drag. Especially if you have to shovel the stuff! Anywayz...I'm feeling deep gratitude for living where I do; sunshine and warmth suit me just fine right now. So for all of you who are living in those snow-blasted places, please know there's a little Italiana over on the West Coast who's sending you warm hugs and sunshine. HANG IN THERE!

All this news of yet another monster storm also got me to thinkin' about just how lucky we are. I don't mean just Southern Californians. I mean ALL OF US who have the luxury of electricity, computers, internet, hot water, indoor plumbing, machines to wash our clothes, dry our clothes, (although we don't use our dryer much. no need. we've got sunshine and warm winds...and a clothesline!), machines to keep our food cold, gadgets to entertain ourselves, vehicles to get us from here to there, and..well...all the wonderful conveniences that are the "norm" for us. Every time I think about these things, I get that huge swell of gratitude in my belly. Because there are LOTS of folks on this planet who don't have such things. I think we take them for granted all too often. And when we must go without, because a storm knocked out the power or snapped a gas line, suddenly we are acutely aware of just how much we've got it made. Perhaps it might be even more wonderful if we remembered this before things go awry, eh? So let us take a moment now...and say a big THANK YOU! We are blessed, my dear friends. Truly blessed.

One more "wonderful" I'd like to leave you with before I get on with my day (and you with yours):

No matter where you are in your life, or how much "more" you'd like to have, always remember that somewhere on this beautiful planet there is someone who loves you deeply. If you are loved, by even just one person, you are even more blessed. The gadgets and conveniences make life more pleasant. The LOVE makes life worth living. Got it? Good.

That's it for today. I'm itchin' to get outside and walk with The Bruzer. We have much to enjoy. Hoping you do too! Have yo'self a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!

P.S. and remember: Joy is a CHOICE!

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