Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tasty tuesdays

Isn't it fun when you're doing some little task, like washing the dishes or folding the laundry, when suddenly you get this superfantastic idea...outta nowhere? Isn't that just DELICIOUS? And doncha just love using words like "delicious" for things that don't have anything to do with your taste buds? And doncha just love it when you finally decide to take the time to clean out your closets and you find that very special earring you thought you'd lost eons ago? Or when you get to the bottom of the washing machine and you see a very wet, very clean $20 bill lying there? Or when you go out to the mailbox and find a package you weren't expecting and open it up and see that your friend from all the way across the country has sent you a whole bunch of seeds with new garden gloves and a dandy set of hand tools?

There are zillions of things that can make your day, and the aforementioned are just a handful of those. In my world, I like to really look for such things. I like to start the day snuggled up with my Bruzer, watching the sky lighten and the trees dancing and the birds flyin' to and fro. I lie there for a while and soak it all up...with a grin and those warm fuzzies fluttering in my belly. I start my day like this, every single day, because I have found that it makes a huge difference in the way my day unfolds. On those rare occasions that I skip this little morning ritual, the rest of my day can go downhill in a jiffy.

{A little aside: did you know that a "jiffy" is actually a scientific term that is used to define one tick of a computer's system clock, often one AC cycle or 1/60 second? It is also used by some physicists to mean the time required for light to travel one foot in a vacuum, which turns out to be close to one "nanosecond". Doncha just love knowing that kinda stuff?!)

Okay. Back to the post.

As I was saying, on the days that I ignore my little ritual and jump out of bed for whatever silly reason, my day is always affected; and not in a 'good' way. Funny how just those few moments of appreciation and intent can turn your day into a glorious experience. Since I first began this experiment I've noticed an enormous difference in my day, my mood, my attitude and my well-being. No kidding. To top it off, (as if a topping were needed!), I have also found that all those little 'annoyances' that once plagued my world have all but disappeared. Even when they do show up, they're so minuscule that they're not even worth noting. In the blink of an eye (or, a jiffy!) I can turn my attention elsewhere and never think about that pest again. Kind of like wearing a rainbow of colors all day long. That rainbow is my armor. Nothin' can touch me. It's supergroovycool. If you think I'm joking here, you are mistaken. You can try it for yourself. Give it 3 weeks. That's how long it takes {according to "the experts"} to establish a new habit. 21 short days. Every morning, before you slip out of the bedsheets, lie there for a few minutes. Doesn't have to be long...maybe 3 or 5 or 6. Lie there and find stuff that makes you smile. You can use your eyes or your imagination. Doesn't matter. Just think about stuff that makes you smile all the way to your toes. Bask in it. Lavish yourself. Once you've felt the grin slide onto your face, then get out of bed and start your day. Watch what happens.

It's a fun experiment.
But only if you give it a go.

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