Saturday, January 22, 2011

a little 'extra' love...

It's no fun at all to watch someone you love in pain. Whether it's an injured limb or a bad cold or a broken heart, it just plain sucks to watch 'em going through it. What to do? What to do?

Regardless of the source of the pain, sometimes the best thing you can do is to give 'em a little extra love. If you measured it in doses, you could up the dosage 100%. You could spend more time during the day just lying with them and being quiet together. You could rub their belly or brush their hair or give them a luxurious bubble bath. You could make some chicken soup and hand-feed them. You could tell them a happy story. Or read them their favorite book. A little 'extra' love goes a long, long way.

It has been proven, over and over, that love and laughter cure many things. No matter the severity or the intensity of the malady. Love and laughter can make the pain go away, even if for just a short while. Given these extra doses, over a period of days, the malady will 'miraculously' go away. I know. I've seen it. I've done it. I've had it done (to me).

The double-bonus is that while you're administering this extra love, you are not paying much attention to the cause of said malady. And're not feeling the pain either. Both of you are immersed in this Love Fest, thereby ignoring the ickiness that would otherwise be at the fore of your mind(s). By turning your attention to the love and laughter, you are able to engage the magick that is here for all of us. That magick does heal. And in no time at all, the pain is but a distant memory. Soon you and your 'patient' are back to your happy lives, living the joys of each little moment.

A little extra love.

Magick at its best!

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Merry ME said...

My father is in the final stages of his life. For two nights I've laid on a cot next to his bed in the hospice facility. First night I didn't sleep at all. Last night, I slept from pure exhaustion. I awoke because Dad was very restless and agitate. I held his had and tried to comfort him until the next dose of morphine calmed him down. What I really wanted to do was what you suggest. Crawl up into his bed with him, wrap my arms around him and gently caress his head and shoulders.

I asked the nurse about it and she gave me total permission which was kind of a surprise. I just wasn't sure how I'd get there without really disturbing him. I opted for holding his hand. It wasn't quite the love fest you described, but close!