Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hoping your celebrations were full 'o' joy and loads of laughter. Here are my wishes for YOU in this brandy new year:

Abundance : in all its many forms
Beauty: around you, inside you, for you
Compassion: for your SELF and others
Delicious-ness: that you might see just how much there is
Enjoyment: of your beautiful life and all it has to offer
Fun: however you define it
Generosity: so that you may know the joy of giving
Happiness: you DO deserve it!
Illumination: that you may see just how beautiful you are
Joy: (ya know I couldn't leave THIS ONE out!)
Kindness: from you and to you
Love: the main ingredient to a full and glorious life
Magic: it's YOURS, if you will just allow it
Nourishment: for your body, for your mind, for your soul
Optimism: that you may see the GOOD in things
Peace: yes. it is possible. {but it starts INSIDE!}
Quay: (bet you thought I was gonna say “quiet”); from which to sail your ship.
Riches: all that you desire
Silliness: to keep you laughing
Truth: yours (which is the only truth that matters)
Uberjoy: {okay. I made that one up. So what?!}
Wellness: in every way
XtraLove: {you didn't want me to say xerox, did ya?}
Yahooos: lots of 'em
Zest: {not the lemon kind, the feeling kind}

Happy New Year, My Friend~

With love from:

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