Friday, December 24, 2010

the most marvelous thing...

the most marvelous thing about this time of year
is that you find out a whole bunch of stuff
you might not have otherwise found out.

like how someone you've never met {face-to-face}
can know you so well.
like how even when you think your heart is all full up
there's room for more.
like how the littlest things
can be so huge.
like how even the smallest of gestures
can move mountains.
like how even the crankiest people
can be made to smile with the slightest effort.
like how people who just refuse to be happy
can be left alone.
like how even the critters
seem to know something special is in the air.
like how much love there really is
in this beautiful world.

the most marvelous thing of all
is that love is endless.

doncha just LOVE that?

1 comment:

kandy said...

accidentally came across your blog....

Love can do amazing things if allowed to break down the walls we've built around ourselves =)