Friday, November 19, 2010


Isn't it funny how sometimes after long and laborious searching we just kinda 'stumble' onto that very thing we've been searching for? Isn't it funny???

Well maybe not 'ha-ha' funny, but you know what I mean. You search and search and search some more until you're about to lose your mind...and then...WHAMMO! It shows up.

I think it's funny.

It's happened too many times for me to dismiss. In fact, in the past 4 or so years, it's happened a LOT. Every time I try...nothing seems to happen. The moment I throw up my hands and let go, the very thing shows up in the blink of an eye. What IS that?

I'll tell you what it is; (okay. remember: these are my perspectives, not some absolute 'law' thang. just reminding you about that part.) What it is is the Law in action. The Law being that Universal Truth that we so often overlook or dismiss or flat out push against. Everyone has a different name for it. The name doesn't matter. Whatever you call it, it's all around us all the time. If you're reading this now, you are, according to the common definition, "alive". If you're alive, you're living the Law, whether you know it or not. There's (the) "intentional living" and the "living by default". But either way, it's affecting you. Just like gravity. You get where I'm going with this, doncha?

But back to the point of all this...

As most of you (who read here regularly) know, I am most fond of telling a story to make my point (as opposed to the "how to" stuff). So the story goes like this:

For the past almost-4 years, I've been trying to meditate. You know...'sit down in a quiet space wearing comfortable clothes with no distractions and quiet your mind'. I've listened to countless recordings that were supposed to "guide" me through this process. I've read a gazillion books on the subject. I've talked with people who seem to do this with no effort whatsoever. I've prayed, begged, plead, whined, stomped my feet (oh yea. now there's a sure-fire way to get there, huh?), visualized, fantasized, written the words on paper (and subsequently burned them), name it, I've tried it.

To no avail.

I'm an Ants-in-the-Pants kinda gal. I have a brain that goes fortygazillionmilesanhour. I am absolutely not the kind of person who does well sitting still in silence. (gee. what a surprise.) I've written about this stuff before...and shared with you the other ways I find my meditative state. Like gardening or cleaning my house. But I still wanted that sit-still-and-just-breath thing. The more I tried, the more I wasn't getting there. Finally, I just gave it up. I thought, "Well then Missy, maybe you're just not ready for that kinda thing. Leave it be. Quit banging your head on the wall. Move on to what you can do!"

Less than a week after I gave up the fight, something came to me (in an email) that got my heart dancing. From my friends Abraham (and the Hicks') a new meditation CD. Well, you know I had to get it. Just had to. The synchronicity of it all...and that it was Esther's voice (which I happen to love) on that CD was enough for me. "Besides," I thought, "if I don't like it, I can always give it to one of my friends." Went to Amazon and pre-ordered that baby. Got it 2 days after release and guess what?....I actually DID IT! I got my brain to be silent! I got my body to relax! I got in that space I've heard so much about. And all it took was....

"breath in 1-2-3, breath out 4-5-6-7-8" (and also some groovy music that helps you find that rhythm and, of course, Esther's voice in the back ground)

Now I want to tell you that I'm not here trying to promote the CD. I'm just sayin'...I gave up the 'fight' and the very thing I was searching for showed up. Almost instantly. And, to me, that is what the magic of The Law is all about. Do you think I'm pretty freakin' excited about now?


Do you think it fortifies my beliefs?

Double Yep.

Do you think I'm going to ride this ride and YA-HOOOOOO my way through it?

Yep. Yep. Yep.

I'm thrilled that I found a way to be still for a whole 15 minutes.
I'm thrilled that this stillness actually does make me feel better.
I'm thrilled to share with you that YOU CAN DO IT TOO.
Just give up the 'fight'.
Let what you want come to you.


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