Friday, June 11, 2010

do you believe in magick?

There is a splendid woman whose name is Jenny Mannion. I had the great fortune of meeting her about 3 years ago, when this wild ride first began. She'd seen something I wrote, contacted me, and we began our 'connection'. Now, she's doing what gives her life great meaning: she is a healer who works in several different modalities, helping people find their way back to wellness. (you can visit her site here: Jenny Mannion )

Just the other day, Jenny was interviewed on Inspirational Transformational TV. In this interview, she discussed the path that led her to her calling, as well as the various things she has to offer, both in book form and how her own maladies had transformed her life. One of her books, the first she published as an eBook, is called "Discover How to Heal Pain Naturally". I've read this book several times over the course of the past 3 years; re-reading when I forget her awesome messages. It has helped me tremendously. (if you have any kind of malady, regardless of what the diagnoses are, you may find this book especially helpful as you make your way through the zillions of things doctors are telling you. NOT kidding!).

Anyway, as I was watching the interview she said something that really hit home for me. She was talking about her aversion to going to the doctor back before she'd healed herself. She told how she was going weekly for various tests and how those weekly visits kept her in a constant state of anxiety and sickness. In other words: they were just adding to her attention TO the maladies (and let me tell you, hers were pretty darned scary!). When she finally realized this, she made the decision to NOT go for a few weeks. She wanted to see how much she could heal herself without the doctors telling her how sick she was and how much worse it was going to get (as in: "you'll eventually end up in a wheelchair").

When she spoke the words, I could feel something inside me kind of snap. It was one of those affirming moments when you just KNOW that it's a really big shift. Because as I've been going through my own healing, this has been one of my biggest seeds of contention. I don't like going because I know what they're going to tell me...and I DON'T BUY IT. So I have to steel myself before I leave the house; remind myself that what they say has nothing to do with my own reality. Remind myself that I AM THE ONE who will heal me...not them or the drugs they keep trying to get me to take.

And you know what?

It works.

Honestly. It really works.

Jenny has the most amazing story...and now that story is growing as she helps more and more people find their way back. She is a truly remarkable lady and I owe her the greatest gratitude for all she's shared with me.

I thought it might be a good day to tell you this, as I just returned from the Doc and was 'vibrating' all the way home. Because this doctor is NOT a holistic doctor; she is a "specialist" (in the field of Rheumatology). She does not subscribe to holistic medicine any more than a holistic practitioner subscribes to biologic drugs. she surprised me. When she asked me if I wanted to continue with this new "plan of action" (which does consist of a monthly shot), I told her that I'd made up my mind that anything I chose to take had to FEEL RIGHT IN MY HEART. I said, "In order for these drugs to do any good at all, I must BELIEVE they're good for me. If there's any contradiction in my beliefs, they will NOT work."

Know what she said?

"You are absolutely correct. And if you choose not to take them for your reasons, then you are making those choices based on what your body is telling well as your intuition. I respect that and I want you to stay on this path. YOU know better than anyone what will or won't help you. I'm in your corner on this one."

I almost fell off the table! It was such a shock to hear this woman who had vehemently expressed her feelings about holistic medicine say something like that. It made me more aware of the magick that abounds...all day, every day. I'd listened to what Jenny had to offer (again!) and before I left for my appointment today, I sat quietly for a while, just centering myself and letting go of any semblance of negativity; toward the doctor, toward the meds, toward the entire experience I was about to have.


It works.

Magick abounds. Call it what you will. Miracles. Serendipity. Fate. WHATEVER. When we set our intentions, and feel wholeheartedly, we open up a whole magickal world of possibility. I don't know where any of this is leading me. But I DO know that the more I trust, specifically TRUST MY SELF...the more I am witness to that magick. I happen to believe I create it...and there's not a soul on the planet that'll ever convince me otherwise.

Thank you, Jenny. For ALL the things you've helped me remember.

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Jenny Mannion said...

Hi Camille,
I am so happy to read this! Thank you the mention but it is YOU my dear who are the thank. Unless you are ready nothing will shift. Having this shift means you ARE ready and as you said so perfectly it is important to "TRUST YOURSELF". Inside we all know what is best for us -it's that egoic mind that can talk us into things we don't even believe.

Your post brought tears of joy to my eyes and watch out Camille - because I feel your life will never look the same! When I did go back to the dr. (about a month after beginning my healing journey) I found my dr. had been replaced from a pill pusher (who I was always negotiating with to be on as little medication as possible to a dr. whose first words to me were, "I don't prescribe pills easily -- do you meditate?" :-) Drs. do know how powerful our minds are but some of them get into patterns just like we do. I am happy your dr. gave you the response she did.

Much love and huge hugs Camille. I am here for you and look forward to hearing of all your successes. :-) xoxo