Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love Your Mother ~

The rains have been falling for 2 days; off and on with bright sun in between. Magnificent rain. Soft rain. Cat'n'Dogs rain. And every kinda rain in between. Rain. And wind. And that eerie darkness that sits over the mountains like a giant hand staving off the sun for just a little while.

On this Earth Day...even Mother seems to be celebrating. Rain for all the new babies of Spring. Tulips and roses and daffodils and lavender and sage and all manner of colorful, flowery things. The smell of orange blossoms will not be daunted by the rains. Oh no. They seem to enjoy the washing...and send those smells ever stronger. The hummingbirds, too, seem to be completely elated. They zig and zag, this way and that, as if dancing with the raindrops. Truly amazing feats of grace.

For me, this is the PERFECT weather for Earth Day. What better way to honor Her than to dance in the rain? What better way to appreciate all She has to offer than to go stomp in a puddle and stick out your tongue and catch the drops? And when the sun peeks out, for those few moments in between down-pours, to scan the sky for rainbows? What could be better than THAT???

I love this Mother who feeds me. And offers her laughter through the gazillions of flowers. I love this Mother who has always protected me and given me all I need. I love this Mother Earth. Not just today, but EVERY DAY.

And it is my greatest wish that we can ALL remember to love her...


Happy Earth Day, my friends.
Hold her well.

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AkasaWolfSong said...

You have to Love an Earth Mother who has sustained humanity and every living thing since time began Sister! I feel exactly as you! We are supposed to get some of those loving rains tomorrow and I can harldly plant babies around here soooo need it. I think the birds will be doing their rain dances too! :)
I know I will!
Happy Earth Day Mother Earth and Camille!