Friday, April 16, 2010

19,358 ~


That's how many days I've been on the Planet.

That's a whole lotta days.

53 trips around the Sun.

19,358 DAYS.

Not bad for a rookie.

As I begin this next go 'round our fiery host, I think about all the days I've lived and all the ones to come. I prefer counting in days because, after all, that is how we live our lives, yes? In days, not years. I can recall specific days in great detail with just the slightest nudging. I can smell the smells and taste the flavors and hear the sounds of those days, as if I were there again, enjoying the moments that created such rich memories. Fun stuff indeed.

Years, on the other hand, I have some trouble with. I have a friend who can tell you the exact year of every major event in her life. She's fond of doing that. "It was 1989...and I was about to embark on....". This amazes me. Shitfire...I can't even tell you what I was doing last year, let alone 20 years ago. But that's just me.

Anyhoooo ~ I made up my mind a while back that it is the days that count, not the years. As a result, when my birthday rolls around, I find great joy in the celebrating. I'm not scared of years. I don't care about the numbers. What I care about is how I spend each and every splendid day I wake up to. I pay attention to the moments, not the weeks. I cherish ALL of them. Even the ones that aren't much fun. Because in the end, I'm quite certain that I will carry those lovely feelings with me...onto my next adventure, wherever that might be.



terri said...

happy birthday, cams!!!
i'd send you an ecard....but umm...
you know the deal.

sendin' you a cyber hug instead!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Camille!

So how are you celebrating your lovely Birthday Moments?

Sending you Birthday Blessings on Gentle Winds...

Love! Blessings! Joy!