Thursday, February 4, 2010

transitions ~

What if it's true...that we actually choose the moment we leave the planet? What if we actually planned it all out before we arrived here, the precise moments of both 'birth' and 'death'? What if?

I can't help wonder about this lately. Death has visited far too frequently in the past few months. Deaths, as we like to call them, of some very important members of my tribe. Those who have been in my world for a very long time and had an enormous impact on my life. Those who loved me so well and were always there...always. To have them go elsewhere...well, let's just say it hasn't been any kind of fun.

The thing that keeps coming back around is this idea of opposed to death. I keep hearing these little messages about how it's really not what I think it is. It's not at all about them being 'gone'; rather they are very near only I can't 'see' them. I love the idea of this. I'm just not sure I like it better than actually having them here...where I can see them and touch them and hold them. Know what I mean?

Anyway...I'm posing live them. I think it's good to live your questions. And I think that each one of those transitions or whatever you want to call them...each one of them is important to each one of us. It's that circle of life...that ever-growing, ever-loving circle that never ends. Maybe that's what they're trying to tell me.

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terri said...

sorry for the losses, girl.....
i'm not so good with them. i struggle a lot. and i think what you said is beautiful.

sending you some love....