Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Acceptance. That's the word of the day. Acceptance in all it's mysterious glory. How do we get there?

One moment at a time.

Really. That's the secret to acceptance.






Simple as it sounds, it's really a matter of just letting things be as they are. Rather than going through all the angst and misery of

'well, if only....'

'oh how i wish....'

'maybe if I just.....'

and all the rest of the resistant thoughts we struggle with, when we get in that place of wanting things to be other than they are, we instantly create a wall of anxiety and resistance and plain ol' ickiness in the gut.

NOT fun.

NOT productive.

And most certainly NOT GOOD FOR YOU.

It's fascinating to feel the shift when you finally let go of all that "if only..." crap. Because when it comes right down to it, "if only" is utterly useless. As useless as guilt. No good ever comes from it. Instead, when we just step aside and observe what IS...without getting all mired down in our self-pity and ego-based fears, things are really not so terrible at all. Being in the moment has been reduced to a cliche at this point, but the fact remains that when we actually live in the moment, we are much happier than when we try to forecast or revert back to some previous time. The future isn't here...the past is a goner. Let it go, already! Hang your hat right her, right now. Look around at the bounty of beautiful energy that surrounds you. Appreciate what IS.

Yea. It really is that simple.

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