Tuesday, December 22, 2009

stand in your truth ~

When you choose to stand in your truth, grounded in who you are and not allowing yourself to be taunted into the facades that others wish for you to wear, there is no need ever again for apology or guilt or even remorse. Your truth is a sort of golden aura of protection from all the worlds' barrage.

Waxing poetic?

Yes indeed.

It is the little miracles that occur, day by day, moment by moment, that show me just how true this truth is. To see, with acute clarity, just how far a distance I've traveled...and know that in the wake of that journey there is a growing stream of love. Uncanny. Beautiful. Incredibly empowering. And...loads of fun.

A recent 'experience' showed me just how much I am standing in my truth. As I listened to a friend of mine go from frustrated to full-blown pissed off, AT ME...I sat and felt what was going on, rather than listening to her words grow hateful. On her behalf, I will say that this does happen when she has one too many glasses of vino. Not judging. Just saying. It happens. And I can always feel it as it does. I can feel her slip away...into that dark place where she thinks she's safe. I feel for her that way. I've been there too. But anyway...there we were, having this light-hearted conversation when all of a sudden everything shifted. She got really pissed and started attacking me. She said some pretty ugly things...all of which I knew weren't really directed at me, but yes, I was the one who she was dishin' it to. Each time she demanded a response, I sanswered her gently and then asked another question. Finally, I suppose she realized she was getting nowhere with her vicious attack...and I asked, "what's wrong? What is it that's bothering you?" She said that she was just tired. That she was exhausted from this emotional roller coaster she'd been on. So I gently said, "well then, why don't you get some rest. We'll chat tomorrow." She hung up the phone before I could even say goodnight.

I sat there for a minute, with this feeling of complete awe. I had not gotten upset. Nor defensive. Nor retaliatory. I listened, I asked, I put my heart in that calm place of sheer love...and I waited.

This from the Queen of Warriors. This from the gal who used to stand on any table top she could find an swing her two-by-four just because. This from a woman who has made it her mission in life to prove herself right.




Yep. It's all about standing in your truth. Because when you do...there is no need to be 'right'. There is only your truth.

And that, my friend, is a splendid way to live.

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