Sunday, November 1, 2009

too sweet to keep ~

Got this email today from a very lovely site called ''. In the missive a woman wrote about her idea to keep candy off her desk and offer up something 'calorie free'. I thought it was too cool to keep to myself, so here it is:

Apparently she works in an office where most of her colleagues keep candy in jars on their desks for themselves and to share with others. She was trying not to indulge in these sweet offerings and found herself looking for an alternative. So she came up with the idea to put inspiring quotes on little strips of paper; spent an entire weekend doing this, then found a lovely jar with a lid, put the strips of notes in the jar and placed in on her desk. She says that it took a while for folks to catch on, but after a short time, everyone was stopping by her desk to pick a note, read it, and then put it back in the jar. A jar of 'sweets' that never needs to be replenished.

How cool is that?


terri said...

GREAT idea!!! thanks for sharing!

Eileen Williams said...

What a fabulous idea! Instead of a sugar high, you'll get a real high that is sure to lift your spirits. Inspiration in a jar--very, very cool!