Friday, October 9, 2009

some stuff to share ~

Sometimes the best thing I can do to share the Joy is to tell you about some new stuff...and let you explore on your own. So, for the moment, that's what I'm going to offer up today.

First off: I have just been hired to write for the Examiner. Specifically, the Escondido Food Examiner. If you're not familiar with this site yet, you will be soon. They're growing faster than Jack's beanstalk...and I'm thrilled to be in on the ground floor. Having been awarded this spot makes me an "official" columnist...and I can't even begin to tell you how that thrills me. That they're letting me write about food....well, let's just say it's a terrific way to do what I used to do without all the long hours. Running a restaurant or writing a column? Yep. The latter suits me just fine, thankyouverymuch!

Anyhoooo....if you're into food (who isn't???) and you want new ideas, recipes, tips, etc., from your favorite Italiana (no, the recipes are not exclusively Italian food recipes. I like to spread my culinary wings...and so the column will include much, much more), go have a look. This is my first piece, so please be sure to subscribe to my page...and then you'll get notice when a new one goes up. My aim, for the moment, is to post a new piece 3 times a week. We'll take it from there.

Here's that link:

Camille @ Escondido Food Examiner

Next up: I'm going to be interviewed by the marvelous Eileen Williams of FeistySideOfFifty fame. The date is set for Wednesday, October 21st, at 8:30 a.m. (Pacific time). But no worries if you don't catch it live. It'll be on the site for your listening pleasure any time you like. Here's the site you can just mark your calendars and go back later! Very exciting stuff! My first live interview. Who knew????

Last little tidbit: there's a new Blog that I just have to tell ya about. It's called Bodacious Boomer and this lady is as much fun as a bucket full of puppies. Great sense of humor and some very fun 'tips'. Today's post is about a very unusual gift...and it'll crack you up when you read it. I'm thinking about getting one for a few of my more bodacious girlfriends. And then I'll hide a little camera in the box so I can watch what happens when they open it up. FUN FUN FUN!


Connie Baum said...

With all this good stuff going on I think you had better keep one eye peeled in case the Fun Police show up to take you away to Kangaroo Kourt on charges of Fun and Games.

O, BOY! Are we proud of YOU or WHAT, Miss Camille?

Hugs and High Fives
Dancing on the Ceiling, too
Mother Connie

Camille Olivia ~ aka: Taloula said...

Thanks, Mother C! Hope you cleaned off those cobwebs while you were up there. I know how fast they 'grow'! Well, maybe not in your house...since you're up there all the time...dancin' like the Whackadoodle that you are!

Sending hugs~