Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Tribute To DaBud

He came into our lives, broken and near death. His arrival was as miraculous as his recovery...and with each passing day, his fun-loving, goofy Spirit rose up and brought us great joy, and laughter, and love.

Now he flies. Today, without pain or fanfare, he laid in his favorite spot, and left his earthly body, leaving us in awe of his grace.

We will miss him dearly. We will always remember how much he changed our lives...all of us. He was an angel, sent to remind us that life is, indeed, whatever we choose to make it.

I love you, My BuddyBoy.
Soar ~


Connie Baum said...

Aaaw, the hole in your heart must feel as big as all outdoors. I'm so sorry for your loss but I am happy that you have cherished memories that will help you through a painful time in your life.

Animals don't know they aren't people and neither do we.

Make yourself a pot of tea. Cry as you must. Scream if you like. Mourn as you need. But take very good care of yourself because grief is a process and it takes time and care to come through it feeling whole.

Above all, remember that YOU and DaBud have known love. Love is all that really matters, after all.

I love you, Taloula.

Mother Connie

Camille Olivia ~ aka: Taloula said...

Thank you. for being so kind and for your lovely sentiments.