Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Isn't it wonderful how people show up in your world at just the perfect moment? It's that whole magick thing again. I know I talk about this a lot...but it's because it's so present in my world...a lot. Pretty much every day something magickal happens. Even on days when I don't see it right away, I'll see it tomorrow. Or while I'm dreaming. Or just as I'm coming out of dream state. But, no matter when I see it, it's always there. And this thing with people showing up...well, it's one more bit'o'magick.

This latest 'arrival' came by way of a piece I'd written on It's not my usual style of writing, but I do it because I adore the man who owns the site AND it's a good way for me to stretch. So I'd written this piece and a lovely woman (who also writes there) contacted me with some questions. Even as I read that first email, I felt something very familiar about her. Like I'd known her for a million years and we'd somehow 'lost touch' but now she was back. I wrote her back, answering her questions, with no expectations about anything. 5 minutes later another email arrived. For the rest of that day we emailed back and forth...little bursts of familiar humor and friendship. The more I read, the harder I laughed. And then...

She wrote something that was so darned funny I just had to call her. We'd already exchanged phone numbers but both of us had been quite busy and hadn't yet made the call. When she picked up the phone I said, "Hey girl. It's Camille. How ya doin'?" If you could have heard the screech you'd have been rollin' on the floor with me. It was hilarious. She made it sound like Oprah had called her. She was that excited. Cracked me up. After she finally caught her breath, we spent a while...just chattin' away about this and that. The whole time we did, it was as if we'd been friends since kindergarten. I'm tellin' ya, it was a riot!

Today, as I sit here in the warmth of this friendship, I'm reminded of all the others that have grown in the past couple of years. People I've met via the Internet...or via something I wrote and then met face to face...all of them as dear to me as those I've known my whole life. It's the most amazing thing to me! This woman is as much fun as a litter full of puppies. She's not only funny and incredibly brilliant, she's got a heart the size of the Grand Canyon and a laugh that'll tickle you to your toes. My kinda gal.

So now...I'm sharing it all with you because I want very much to remind you that Magick Happens. All the time. Every single day, it's right there waiting for you to engage it...with a mere thought (and an "Abra Cadabra") your Magick is there for you to create your own dazzling reality.

Go on. Say it...



Connie Baum said...

I love you madly, Bella!

Your Soul Companion
sent by Dog

Camille Olivia ~ aka: Taloula said...

and i love you back!