Wednesday, September 2, 2009



Do you know what that means???

It means that in the blink of an eye it's gonna be Thanksgiving...and then Yule Season...and then...

Holy Crap!

Another year gone by!

I'm sitting here, looking at the thermostat (which is above 100), with the AC running (something I rarely do!) and the withering plants thirsting for an iota of moisture. We can't run our sprinklers because there are wild fires (which, in fact, should be called 'stupid fires' due to the carelessness of boneheads who just don't get it) and so we need to 'save water' so the fire fighters can fight fires.


Anyway...rather than rant about all that...I'm going to shift to the GOOD.

I'm sitting here with the AC on (set at 85 NOT 68...because even just 15 degrees of separation is c-o-o-l) and grateful for the amenity. AC and ceiling fans and food in my fridge and a computer to do my work and a life oh-so-full-a-LOVE. Yep. Life is good.

Chella lies here beside me...all comfy right below the blower where the cool air is filling the room. She's got her head on my right hand (as I type), undisturbed by the movement of my fingers...happy to just BE. Her eyes do twitch a bit...if I move too errantly...but mostly she simply adjusts...

as it should be.

She accepts this compromise because she knows how happy it makes me that she lies here as I work. She knows, without a stitch of doubt, that no matter WHUT...her presence is truly a gift. She also knows that there's nothing in this world that I wouldn't do to give the love back.

She knows this because she's truth. There are no lies in critters. Nor ulterior motive. Nor any semblance of malice. Oh no. Critters get it.

And I sit...with Chella and AC and a glorious view of my world...all unfolding precisely as it should...and that deep well of gratitude is full to the brim. I look around at all that I have, all that I am, all that I am right now, and I feel the knowing of endless love that flows in this magnificent space I call home.

Life is good.

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