Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the moment you step out of gratitude
you step out of grace.
& moment you step out of grace
all hell breaks loose.
you forget all about the magick.
you forget all about how totally awesome
your world is.
you forget that you can
anything you want.
it's a horrible
utterly life-sucking
downward spiral
that'll kill ya
if you don't grab onto something
on the way down.
the magick shows up.
all by itself
you don't even haveta ask
it just shows up
in the voice of a friend
or a perfectly timed note
or a bluejay with a mouthful of bug
calling to her partner
to come have a snack.
the magick shows up and saves your ass
in the knick of time
every time.
you remember
one single tiny thing
to be grateful for.
that's all it takes.
one teeny little wonderful thing
that makes your world so beautiful
and pretty soon
you're remembering all kindsa stuff
and not long after that
you're grinning from ear to ear
and dancing around the garden
like a crazy person.
next thing you know
you're right back in
what a hoot.

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