Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I gotta tell ya...this whole "see it, believe it, receive it" thang? It actually works. Swear to god! It works!. I think the reason we mostly think it doesn't work is cuz we're not paying attention. But when we do, I swear to the heavens above...it's like magick at your fingertips. There's no 'try' about it. It's a simple matter of actually seeing it..and believing it..and just lettin' it go.

I'm guessin' it's the "letting it go" part that gives us the most trouble. We have this distorted idea that we have to keep pushing on it. Keep asking. Keep 'trying' until it actually shows up. Therein lies the problem.

Think about it this way: if you can see something in you mind clearly enough to actually be there, and then you feel it well enough to believe it's 'yours', you have, in essence, just created a reality. The fact that it's 'in your mind' has nothing at all to do with it. Fact is, 'reality' is what you SEE...not what IS. Okay. That might be a stretch for ya, but hang with me here.

What is reality anyway? Here's a great way to kinda see what I'm trying to say here:

Let's say that you and your sister have lived through some kind of memorable occasion together. Doesn't matter if it was 'good' or 'bad', just that you lived the moment together. Then, 10 or 15 or 20 years later you're sitting around and that moment comes up. You start reliving it, each of you telling your version of what happened. I guarantee you, the story is gonna be different. She's gonna remember it way different than you do. She's gonna tell you it was you that slammed the door and shattered the window. Or that you were the one who suggested stealing Daddy's car. Or that it was never her intention to kill the poor little mouse; he was trying to get away and she was trying to keep him from his escape.

Your side of the story is a whole 'nother story. You don't remember it that way at all. It's like neither of you was there at all. Completely different versions of the same exact moment. So who's side is 'reality' and who's side is fiction?

Get what I'm saying here?

Reality is absofreakinlutely about your perspective. It's about what you see or experience or feel, not what anyone else does. If you don't believe me on this one, just try it. Next time you're with a friend or sibling or anyone who's lived through a moment with you, ask them to tell their story. Ask them to tell you what happened. I'm betting it's going to be vastly different from your version. (besides, it's kinda fun to do anyway. Just to see how they saw it.) The point I'm attempting here is that we all create our realities. We do it every single moment of every single day. And whatever we say is reality...IS.

Near as I can tell, there's nothing more powerful or empowering or exquisite about Life. Because the moment I grabbed hold of this...that it's my world and I create it every step of the way...was the moment that I stopped feelin' sorry for myself. And started cleaning out the crap that doesn't work. And started opening up fresh pallets from which to paint my masterpiece. And all of that? Well...back to the beginnning...

See it, believe it, receive it.

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