Saturday, June 6, 2009

cerebral sips

Sometimes it really cracks me up how people take themselves oh-so-seriously. Particularly when it seems (to me, anyway) that the best thing one could do is step aside and laugh one's ass off. I mean, COME it really that big a deal to have broken a window? Or spilled red wine on your white blouse? Or had to let some bonehead cut you off so you wouldn't crash? Really?

Maybe one of the reasons folks get so easily tilted is they're really not using all their "tools". Because, near as I can tell, we've got lots of them. Not "tools" that you can hold in your hands. I'm talking about tools like your intuition, and your past experiences, and your brain. Yea. Your BRAIN. You know, that mass of goop inside your skull where all sorts of magic happens?

We've been told, over and over, that most of us only use about 10% of our brain's capacity. And, from what these so-called experts tell, that's a high estimate for most. It's not hard to see where they may have come up with that data. Look around. It's kind of scary sometimes...just how utterly mindless people are. People who toss trash out their windows and scream obscenities at strangers and say horrible things to their kids about how stupid they are. All these things, and so many more (which I shan't go further with cuz it makes my stomach hurt) are just little signs of the mindlessness of too many people.

And then...there are the Super-Cerebrals. The ones who spend their lives in academia. The pursuit of more knowledge, more creativity, more ways to use their brains to help humanity in one way or another. These folks are the other end of the spectrum (in terms of brain usage), but can also be quite humorless. Well, that's been my experience anyway. That's not to say there aren't some really funny geniuses out there, because there are. But for the most part, humor seems not to be held in such high regard, as compared to solving a problem or inventing something new.

Regardless of the broad spectrum of "thinkers" and "robots" (oh. that doesn't sound very nice, does it? oops.), it seems to me that if we, as a species, are ever going to evolve further, we're going to have to use our brains a little more, and our emotional guidance systems too. As in emotions. We've got so much much more than what we actually use. Yet, so many seem content to just go through the motions...without a thought to what those motions are. It's kind of sad, really. To see all that potential and have it go unseen by so many others. Such a shame.

Well, the reason I'm off on this tangent with is because I recently met someone who is among those who DOES stretch. He has all these fantastic ideas about how we can evolve, using the tools we've always had at our disposal, and growing those ideas into actual physical form. It's not really "new" realms, but rather, new terminology and new means to access all this potential. It's really fun stuff to read, and the more I do, the more excited I get about our evolution.

If you're into such 'stretching', you may want to go have a look at his site. It's worth the read...and you may just find yourself looking at your current M.O....and wanting to take a few more cerebral sips of your own.

The Qualiadelic Experience

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