Thursday, March 26, 2009

you'll ALWAYS find it ~

If you look for anything long enough, you're most certainly bound to find it. I've experienced this truth many times, as have you, if you've ever paid attention. Looking for crabby people? Yep. There they are. All around. Looking for new blooms in Spring? Yep. They're everywhere (well, that is, if it's Springtime!). How about a lump in your body? You look long enough, you're gonna find one of those too. As 'the good book' says, "seek and ye shall find". Truth. Yes indeedy.

Which brings me to the reason I'm telling you this. A few days ago, via an email I got from a terrific website called Daily Good, I saw a little snippet about "smiling cards". The idea was that you could make or buy little cards with smiles on them, to pass along as you go about your day. This reminded me of a gentleman I once did some work for who needed help with a new website he was building to offer "Tokens of Kindness". Same idea. Different medium. His idea was really cool in that the tokens (much like those you'd get in a casino) could have your logo on it (like a business card) and on the other side of the coin was the address to his site, along with an ID number. The purpose was to pass the tokens along and then go to his site and log in the number, identifying you location. His vision was that the Tokens of Kindness would travel round the world. VERY cool idea.

So, I was sitting here thinking about all that, and came up with my own version. They're called "Kindness Cards". Just little cards with pretty images and the words:

"Together, we can grow kindness. Carry this card with you. Next time you see someone do something kind for another, or the next time YOU do, give them this card. And ask them to do the same. Let's keep the flow of kindness growing!"

Pretty simple. That whole 'Pay It Forward' thing. Simple...but very effective. Know why? Because when you've got that little card in your pocket (or purse or wherever), you're going to LOOK for acts of kindness and/or ways to commit some yourself. You'll go about your day with this little seed planted, guessed're going to FIND what you're looking for. Happens all the time. I carry them around with me in my jeans pocket or in my bag. From the moment I leave my house to the moment I return, I'm looking. I WANT to give someone a card. It's fun, it makes people smile (everyone likes to be acknowledged, ya know?) and it's a simple yet effective way to grow kindness.

So, you can make some of your own...and carry them around with you. OR you can go to my Etsy Shop and buy some. $5 for 12 cards. Easy as pie. Whaddya waitin' for????

Grow the flow of Kindness in your world!!!

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