Wednesday, March 25, 2009

all the crazy 'coincidences' ~

Do you believe in 'coincidence'? Do you think that stuff happens randomly? Do you live your life in such a way that logic supersedes intuition? I ask these questions because there have been an amazingly high number of so-called 'coincidences' occurring in my world lately...all of which are proof (to me, anyway) that my intuition is far more 'accurate' than any logic could ever explain. But then, that shouldn't come as any big me or to you (if you've ever read anything else I've posted). As it turns out, I don't believe in coincidence, just as I don't believe in 'luck'.

As it turns out, what I do believe is that every single teeny, tiny thing (and the big stuff too) is absolutely the result of what I focus on. Whatever I give my attention to, with passion and lightness, comes 'true'. It happens more often than it used to, mostly, I think, because I'm so much more aware of it. Mostly, I think...because I believe it to be my truth.

Example: a lovely woman who lives quite a ways from here, wrote me a couple of weeks ago. She'd been struggling with despair, with a lack of hope, with huge doubts, as to her worthiness. She was experiencing a sleepless night, having consumed a large amount of vino, when she did a search for 'joy'. She came upon my website, went there, and spent a good amount of time perusing the offerings. Finally, it seems, she mustered the 'courage' to write me an email. She told me of her current 'situation', how she's been feeling, and all the details of a sadly dismal day-to-day 'grind'. She also expressed deep gratitude for the offerings on my website, saying that it really had a profound effect on her dismal mood.

When I read the email, I was quite blown away. Here was this complete 'stranger' who was sharing some very intimate details with me, trusting that the person who built the website would be as authentic as she was being. Her trust, her willingness to share so openly, her beautiful bravery touched me so deeply I can't even find words to explain. So, of course, I wrote her back. I shared my own gratitude for her kind words and thus began what I consider to be a lovely new friendship.

Fast forward another week. Again, I get a missive...this time from someone I went to High School with. Now, first of all, I wasn't all that crazy about High School. I remember it to be quite a harsh environment, with lots of judgments and criticisms about my appearance, my actions and my choice of friends. I don't remember being all that well-liked. But, apparently, there are a few people who remember otherwise. Anyway, I get this email from a gal I went to school with, telling me that she was blown away by what I had on my website. She, too, has been 'trying' to make some changes in her life and was struggling a bit with said changes. When she went to my site (and this Blog) she said she was newly inspired to refocus on what she wanted and all the changes she wishes to make. Again, gratitudes were shared and her enthusiasm was felt all the way across the country.

WOW!WOW!WOW! Here I am, doing what I do...and have done for a long time, and suddenly these people are showing up to let me know that what I'm doing is making a difference! Who'da thought?

Truth be told, these are only 2 of the many things that have been coming my way to show me just how much we really do affect the world. It's not that I didn't know or even believe this, but the passion with which these people are expressing is about as powerful a thing as I've ever experienced. A dear friend of mine sent me a card that simply says: You Matter. When I got that card, it made me weep. Somewhere deep inside I knew she was right...and it humbled me to tears. It also made me laugh at how silly I can be sometimes. I put the card in a pretty frame and keep it on my desk, right in front of me, so I can be reminded that I DO matter. And so do you! Fact is, EVERYONE matters. Even when we think we're not doing anything 'big', we matter. Small things, little kindnesses, can have such an enormous impact, even when we forget them.

There's an old story about a man who's walking along the beach one day and finds a little boy tossing starfish into the sea. The shoreline is littered with hundreds of the little starfish, all having been beached when the tide went out. Needless to say, those little fish would die if they weren't returned to the sea. So, the little boy is tossing them, one by one, back into the water. The man walks up to the little boy and asks him what he's doing. The boy tells him he's saving their lives. The man replies, "It can't possibly matter. Look how many there are!" The little boy picks up yet another starfish, tosses it into the ocean and says "it matters to that one"

I always loved that story. Because it's the epitome of what 'grown-ups' see versus what kids see. Kids aren't limited by logic. They don't consider 'impossibilities'. They believe that in this moment, whatever they do or dream or imagine is absolutely their truth. How can you not LOVE that?

So today, if you care to make changes in your world, consider being that child. Let go of those limiting beliefs and all the mumbo-jumbo you hear from the nay-sayers. Tell 'em to take a hike. Just trust that the little 'coincidences' are either on their way or right here now, to inspire you to keep on keepin' on. Trust your gut. Laugh REALLY BIG. Entice your Muse to come have a visit....and you just watch the Magick happen!

It will.

I promise.

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