Monday, March 30, 2009

waxing moon, waning fear

Funny how the moon can affect so much, eh? Lots of folks think this is nonsense. But I'm a believer. Think about it...the moon, all those zillions of miles away, affects the tides of the oceans. That's a whole lotta water. And if we're mostly 'ugly bags of water' (as spoken by some alien on Star Trek), then how could the moon not affect us? Makes no sense at'tall.

I was talking to someone about this, asking if she thought her emotions were more volatile during the waning or the waxing of the moon. She told me that the waning was much more likely to find her crying and overly-sensitive to things than was the waxing. I had to agree. When the moon is on the rise, I tend to be a lot more giddy, more enthusiastic, more easily hopeful. Once it's full, I'm on top of the world. But as soon as it begins to wane, that's when the poop hits the paddle. And I don't have to look at charts to know what phase the moon is in. I can feel it before I 'know'. It's always been that way for me. I just know when the moon is full. Back when I was bar tending, I could tell by the customers who came and went during the month. No kidding. When the moon was full, allllll the crazies showed up. Crazies who'd do weird stuff that was not seen other times of the month. Sometimes, that proved lucrative for me, as they'd drop huge tips when they otherwise tended to be less than generous. It was uncanny how accurate I was back then, and it was long before I had even a slight curiosity about such things. People used to think I was weird cuz I'd say, "better be on your toes. Moon is full. All the weirdos will be in tonight." One of my managers used to laugh at me over it, until, after years of working together, he realized I was always correct. His attitude toward me changed dramatically after that. Mostly, it was fear. He thought I was a 'witch'. Giggle. Yea. People think stuff like that.

Anyway, point is, the moon is back on the rise again. And I can feel it, even though I can't see it right now. This is a very good thing. The past few days have been kinda tough, both emotionally and physically, and I'm more than ready for a reprieve. I'm ready to roll into the waxing moon, and allow it to guide me to a more pleasant place. I'm ready for new thoughts to affect change. I'm ready for more good stuff. More buds on the trees. More of everything GOOD. With this in mind, even though I've got some very uncomfortable ICK going on, I remain ever hopeful. I hold my focus on what's not yet visible. I keep this message in mind:

"The reality gives birth to the dream. But the dream is where you are wanting to put your ATTENTION."

I love that. I love knowing that I create my 'reality' by what I choose to focus on and how I see that dream. Passion is a powerful thing, ya know? And from where I sit, it's about the best thing to use when one wishes to change one's world.

How 'bout you?

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