Saturday, March 28, 2009

abe does it again ~

As you likely know, I'm a big fan of Abraham. Their delivery, their timely messages (sometimes, it's EERIE how timely they are!), their whole way of offering the Love is just so perfect. Their sense of humor sure don't hurt none either. Love that part. Anyway, I'm bringing this up because, once again, the newest video on YouTube is about as timely as ever. It's about going from "Grief to Joy". Go figure.

Just the other day, as mentioned in an earlier post, my sweet Sorella and I were discussing the grief stuff. Me, because of Raja's transition, and she because of her Mom's. While we're both big believers of Abe's messages, we're also still "working on" getting better at the tuning in parts. The 'letting go of resistance' parts. The ALLOWING parts. Yea. We do a LOT of work in these arenas, but still, we haven't yet fine tuned to the point where we're going with the flow, so to speak, all day every day. No matter. The fact that we practice, and believe, and know in our hearts that it's what suits us, is more than enough to have made some pretty incredible changes in our realities (respectively) already. It only gets better!

So, I'm a 'subscriber' to the Abraham-Hicks videos on YouTube, which means that any time there are new ones, I get an email to let me know. As is my norm, I go scootin' over there, hungry for their latest offering, ready to soak it up and let it in. This morning was one such day, as I sipped my coffee and watched. That this newest video is about Grief to Joy just made me giggle all the more, cuz we'd been working on it together all week.

Now, I'm not going to try to regurgitate what they said. Instead, I'm going to post the link so you can go see/listen for yourself. If you happen to be in such a place, where you're either dealing with the "loss" of a loved one or dealing with the impending "loss" makes no difference. In fact, it doesn't even need to be exclusive to the 'death experience' at all. If you're feeling any kinda grief, go have a look/listen. It's well worth the 8:47 it takes to view.

Here's the link:

From Grief to Joy ~ AbrahamHicks

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