Saturday, March 14, 2009

little luxuries ~

never would've thought about it if someone hadn't mentioned it; actually 2 someones. how much of a luxury it is to just lay in bed and read. with a mug of hot chocolate, a candle on the bedside table, my chella right next to me and that perfect lamp to light the pages. spend an entire day, just reading. yep. it's a luxury alright. one that i'd never have afforded myself before now. why is that? why do we hurry about so freakin' much and not do these things that make us feel so good?

my 'soul sister'...mentioned this more than once in the past couple of conversations. about how she 'wished' she could do that. just read all day long. the first thing that popped into my head was, "well, why can't ya?". i didn't say that. i just listened and sent the message via the cosmos: "take time for you. read, honeygirl. if that's what you wanna it." left it at that, but got off the phone thinking how 'lucky' i am that i can...and do. another of those blessings that seem silly to some, but huge to me.

which leads me to the next part about luxuries. seems to me that there are millions of ways we can lavish ourselves. little things that, were we to really honor the moments of our day, we'd do without hesitation. stuff like hot baths with pretty smelling sea salts and candles all around. or warming the towel before hand, so when you step outta the bath, you have that warm towel to wrap yourself up in. just like when you go to a fancy spa. warm towels. easy. but enormously luxurious, yes? or...having pancakes with warm syrup...on a tuesday. or spending the extra $5 on shea butter instead of the usual moisturizer you always buy cuz it's cheaper. or...(oh, this is a big one...) taking your SELF out for a nice dinner cuz you just did something worth celebrating, like making it thru an entire day without one single self-deprecating thought. now that's something worth celebrating, doncha think?

well anywayz...i'm just thinking that we're all worth it. we're worth lavishing ourselves in luxuries, regardless of our incomes or social 'status'. even if it means you have to gather up the change outta your piggy bank and roll up your quarters/dimes/nickels, so what? seems to me that the more we honor ourselves this way, the more we have to honor. kinda the ol' proverbial cosmic snowball, ya know?

go on...luxuriate. you deserve it.

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