Thursday, March 19, 2009

just for fun....and then some ~

below this post, you're going to find a little video of yours truly. i got this crazy idea the other day, after watching another video, and reading several emails sent specifically to plant some new seeds of my own...and then i remembered that my webcam would record video too. so, i started out with this SUPERGOOFY video that i put on my FaceBook page...just for sheeps & giggles. and the response was terrific! then, the next day i decided to do one to kind of introduce people to my website...and THEN remembered i had this YouTube channel i'd set up for the raja project and had completely abandoned when i shelved that project. so i went on over there, cleaned it all up and posted both the 'supergoofy' and the almost-as-goofy 2nd video. now, i'm not saying the whole world ran over there and watched it. cuz they didn't. BUT...

a few people did. and it was more than just my friends. there were other folks who watched them too. kind of exciting, ya know? being the not-at-all-shy kinda gal that i am, i find the whole process quite exhilarating. fact is, i like being 'on stage'. always have. that's what made me such a great bartender, back in the day. and it's also what allowed me to perform on stage (music) for all those many years i did that too. the camera? it takes a little getting used to...say, about 5 seconds. and i go.

a few days ago, right after finishing the book (see post below), i made another video. this one was a bit more 'emotional', as i was still sorta reeling over the book. and i'd gone thru a vast array of emotions all the it wasn't surprising that my voice sounded a little raspy. i left it alone. didn't want to get all into some 'finely polished' crap. because, the whole idea here is to offer up some fun little goodies for folks to think on, if they want, or leave, if they don't. and then today...

today, i was wandering around, doing the other stuff i do, and just sort of giving intermittent thoughts to how i was going to go forward with this whole video thing. i want to make them fun, but i also want them to be worth watching. i'd love for folks to 'subscribe' so they'll come back again...and again, cuz they find some joy in the watching. (oh..and yea...i'd love to be on ellen too...but that's another story for another day.) after a while, i sat outside and was catching up with my roommate who'd just returned from a week out of town. i had my journal on the patio table, waiting for the solitude to write and get more focused on the video thing. right when he was about to walk back into the hit me.

i'd 'shifted' my focus while he talked, and then 'shifted back' when he walked away. SHIFTING! there it was. i was so excited that it came like that...that i came upstairs and sat down to record. then the phone rang. SHEESH. then the dogs started barking. DOUBLESHEESH. i was gigglin' the whole time, thinking..."well, it'll get recorded when it gets recorded. what's the hurry?"

coolest thing about all this is that when i finally got it was just so fun. it didn't seem contrived or scripted (which they most definitely are NOT) nor did i go on for too long (it's less than 10 minutes). just perfect!

i'm gonna keep doing them. i'm gonna allow them to come when they do, and not force them out. i'm gonna ask my muse to show up...and just let whatever flows outta me....flow outta me. and i hope, really bigtime hope, that you and whoever you know will go see them. and go back for more. and make your comments on the youtube site...and rate the videos. so i can learn more about what you're looking for, more about what you like or don't like. more about how i can scatter the joy.

hope you'll click on the one below. it's right there! you don't even have to go to youtube! so.......whaddya waitin' for?

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