Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I got this package yesterday from a very dear friend of mine who has apparently lost all semblance of time. she's nearing 80...and each time we speak, I can feel her withdrawal more. She's forgetting more and more. She thinks she was just in Tuscon last week, when it was actually about a month and a half ago. She's reliving everything that makes her sad, and forgetting all the things that make her happy. She's slipping away, little by little...and it breaks my heart to listen. But I do. I love her. And I know that too many people are withdrawing from her as she withdraws into her Self. So I keep showing up, because it seems to bring her joy, even if it's only for a moment or 2.

Anywayyyyy....I got home from a business meeting, which turned out to be not-so-productive as I'd hoped, and found a package in my mailbox from her. I was surprised to see it there, as she's told me every time we've spoken (the last 20 or so) that she doesn't have my address (which she does...she just doesn't remember). I give it to her each time she asks, not knowing whether she will post it on her fridge (as I've continued to suggest) or put it wherever she puts it...and forgets again. Poor dear. So, finding the package was a delightful surprise...and I felt that tug at my heart, knowing that soon she will likely forget me too. For today, however, she remembers. A bigger treasure than the package sitting in my mailbox.

When I opened it, I found a beautiful box filled with all sorts of Rituals tools. That's what it's called: 'Rituals'. She remembered! There's a book, some pretty invocation cards and 3 scented candles with which to engage the magick of said rituals. Just a perfect gift for me at this moment in my life. I'm so into rituals...down to the tiniest ones (like how I make my coffee each morning...or where I stand while I brush my I can see the mountains and all that snow). She remembered all that...and she sent this perfect a moment of lucidity? of the rituals mentioned is about serendipity. About how we can invite it in. About how serendipity is as available to us as sunlight or air or energy. It's really a lovely little message...and it inspires one to make that invitation. If we were to invite serendipitous moments each morning, just think of how our attitude throughout the day might also change. Think about it...

I don't believe in "luck"..nor do I believe in "chance"...but I do believe in creating...and engaging the Magick. I believe that serendipity is Magick. And Magick is soooooooo a part of the world I create.

Whaddya think?

p.s. a great big thank you to photocomix for this fabulous photo!


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