Tuesday, February 24, 2009

morning blossoms

funny how different things look in the morning. one day you're all freaked out. you inch your way thru the mud, wondering if you're gonna make it. wondering if you'll ever laugh again. wondering what in the world made ya come this way. and then..

the next day rises. you open your eyes & see the sun glittering on the leaves of blossoms just about ready to share their loveliness. you see the hummingbird jettin' here & there, finding herself some breakfast. you hear the sound of that funny roadrunner, sitting up there on the roof, calling for his girl. there's the cat, sitting on her perch, taking it all in, purring like there's nothing better than this moment.

she's right.

there's nothing better than this moment. cuz you made it thru the mud. you kept right on breathing. you found strength in the people who love you. they offered their kind hands to pull you outta that crap. they whispered reminders of all you are and all you've given and all you have to share. they held you up...all the while remembering what you'd forgotten.

it's morning. a brandy new day. it's all yours to spend however you wish.

whatcha gonna do with it?

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