Thursday, January 1, 2009

what treasures lie ahead ~~~

my beautiful friend terri shared this today...and i just couldn't resist posting it those who read my words (and don't yet read hers) may share in this marvelous thought:

"she has the spirit of the sun,
the moods of the moon,
the will of the wind"

talk about knockin' my socks off! i just love this lady...and all those who love her. she's so willing to share her Self...and the love that abounds in her heart. she's so honest about her Spirit...and it shows in her work. & today, as the sun begins to set on this new year's day, i can't help but feel all the connections....all the love that's flyin' around the planet, the universe, the all-that-is. makes ya wanna get up and do a jig, ya know?

so, before i get to the football games and all the other fun things i choose to 'do', i'm gonna save this thought. i'm gonna make a little promise...

that from this day forward, i shall choose the stories that i wish to live. i shall take great care in the stories i i know they are the ones i live. and i shall revel in the loveliness that is my world.

it's a world teeming with good stuff. it's a world i've created...and shall continue to create. and, like the student who's suddenly realized that she holds all the tools to create her masterpiece...i shall hold this clearly in my mind's eye.

it's MY canvas. it's MY masterpiece. it's MY choice...every single day, all day long. how freakin' beautiful is THAT?

p.s. in case you want to 'hear' more from's her blog:

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